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new puppy!

by Jessica

Hi! I am going to be a new mom to a maltese puppy (3 months- female) tommorrow. I am unfamiliar with them, and have been "cramming" a bit on the web page. The dog is a gift, coming from across the country. Any advice for a new puppy would be helpful. I went out and got a retractable leash and some dog food samples (Innova and Solid Gold). She's been eating Nutrience, which no one in any San Francisco pet store has ever heard of. I'm having some of that food sent along with her, and then going to gradually switch her over. I'm excited but nervous! People seem to love these dogs, my mom says she is very sweet and loves to cuddle and kiss. Such a tiny thing!! Three and a half pounds! Anyway- I will probably be asking for advice, being new to owning a dog and this breed... Thanks!


Congratulations, Jessica. You are about to have your heart stolen. You must be soooo excited! I'm really glad you found your way to this web site just in time for your new baby. You will find a wealth of excellent advice here. As far as being nervous, I know what you mean. I got my first Maltese baby about 3 months ago, and HE teaches ME daily what is required to be owned by a Maltese. I wish you much joy. Please keep us updated on your new little one.
-Marsha O/Jazz

Hi,Your about to meet a beautiful angel!! Take care,Renee

The best things you can do for your puppy is to take her to the vet regularly for shots and check-ups. Be sure to brush her teeth daily. You can get doggie tooth paste and tooth brush at the pet store. Always keep fresh food and water for her. Be patient while potty training her. (don't let her on carpet until she is), brush her hair every day, wash her face at night before going to bed, and love her. You will find everything else at this site.
-Marsha A.

Congratulations Jessica - You are about to have possibly the most (with few other exceptions) wonderful experience of your life. The maltese are the most loyal, loving, friendly breeds you could want. It is a great choice. By now you already have your new baby - let us know what you've decided to name her and how things are going. Best Of Luck!!

Hi again!! I am absolutely amazed at how cute and sweet this puppy girl is!! I have named her Emma. She is in my lap right now. We have been inseparatable since she arrived at the airport. I am at work now, and have asked my supervisor if I can bring Emma every day, and she is going to see if it is okay with her boss. She fell in love with Emma, of course... So- keep your fingers crossed!! She really is spunky- yesterday she played vigorously with my friend's nine month Rotwiller, who is so big now. Emma thinks she is a big dog!! She is also very friendly with another friend's eight month kitten, who is bigger than her, but still wary of her. The kitten has begun to get braver and they have played a bit. Emma's energy is so playful and non-threatening that I think they will be buddies soon. We went to Golden Gate Park, and she loved to play in the grass and meet other doggies (all so huge compared to her!) and she never ran far off. She follows me around and is really quiet!! I am so glad she is here!! My mother bought her for a friend who had a maltese that died. But this friend recently went back to school in addition to working, so she was alone alot. The friend felt badly, and my mother asked me if I wanted her. I had never heard of maltese, and so looked it up on the internet, and said 'yes' after seeing the pictures on this web site. She's just like a teddy bear I had growing up!! Is is possible to teach the puppy to go potty in a cat litter box-type arrangement? Currenty, we are training her to go on newspaper by the back door, with plans to further train her to ask to be let outside when she needs to go. I am really happy and sooo glad she made her way to me!! This is a great web site!! I've learned so much helpful stuff. Are there any San Franciscans here? I'd like Emma to have some Maltese friends. Talk to you all later!!

Congratulations, Emma, on finding your new home and mommy. Jessica, it sound like you've been " bit by the bug". Warning: There is no cure. I think these little ones are really a gift from heaven, and come equipped with an uncanny ability to fit right inside your heart. Jazz says he wishes he lived in SF, he would love to play with Emma, she sounds VERY cute.
-Marsha O & Jazz

Jessica, I have my own business and when Lucy was a baby I hated leaving her home when I went to see clients, many of which are government agencies. So, I asked if anyone minded if Luce came along. The only problem we ever had was NOT with Lucy. She would sit quietly in my lap or lie down on someone's desk/conference table and sleep (after kissing each and every one in the room, of course). The problem was with my clients--they all wanted to play with Lucy instead of having the meeting! I ended up not billing all the time because it seemed unfair to distract folks from the task and then charge them for it! Lucy was a winter baby, and I used to put a leash in my coat pocket and bundle her up inside my coat to carry her into buildings where the rules said no dogs allowed but the folks inside didn't mind. If you are allowed to bring your dog to work, she should be fine. I would take a crate along just so she had a place to call her own and to stay when you needed to be away from your desk. Enjoy Emma--you are about to be owned lock, stock, and barrel by a little ball of fluff!
-cathy brown

Congratulations Jessica! I, too, will soon be a "new mom" --- my first Maltese will be coming home to live with us 2nd week in July. I LOVE this bulletin board --- A WEALTH of information. I have been studying and WANTING a Maltese for about 4 years now. Believe it or not, it took me that long to find a breeder #1 I could afford and #2 I could trust. I learned from this bulletin board that 8 weeks is too early to adopt a baby Maltese. I have offered this breeder additional money which she declined to take--said "no problem" she'll hold the puppies longer. Two little females were born to her mother Maltese. My mother is taking one little girl and we're taking the other. We are SOOOOOO excited about our little Keisha! My mom's little angel will be called Jasmine. I can't wait to send photos! I have a question for an experienced Maltese owner . . . our little precious babies will be paper trained. How difficult is it to then train them to go outside???? I've owned dogs in the past (my first little dog bought for me at age 6 was a chihuahua---so I'm fairly experienced with training--would love some advice and tips though! We had other dogs growing up now. My 6 year old daughter is so excited about Keisha. I know, WE WILL BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL having a little tiny Maltese and with Chelsea, our daughter. She is being instructed daily about how fragile these dogs are. Jay --- you spoke with me back in April and explained to me why you do not sell to folks with small children. Your story really made me think in addition to lecture my daughter. I have a lot of respect for your decision. I know Chelsea will be gentle--I was all those years back with my chihuahua. I think its how you raise anything--children or animals--you need to teach respect and gentleness. Obviously, a two-year old child's basic nature -- wouldn't be a sound concept to have that young of a child around the puppy. Anyways, again, "congrats" Jessica and I, like you, will be "out here" seeking advice!!! We're buying a little each week (leash, collar, dog dishes, toys, adorable igloo bed, etc.) in preparation for Keisha's arrival. We saw the babies at 2 weeks old, held them at 4 weeks old. The breeder has been calling them by their correct names for us. It's just so exciting!!!

Hi! Congrats on Keisha- when will she arrive? I have had Emma for eight days now, and we are both so happy. With regards to training- I am having trials and tribulations with this. Emma was not trained at all when I got her- sort of paper trained, but not consistently. I have been doing a lot of cleaning up!! The part that confuses me is that she sometimes pees on her bed. I thought they didn't do that where they sleep... I don't know much about training, but am learning what I can on the web site. I say "no" and then bring her outside. I have been taking her out every couple of hours, except at night when I confine her to my bedroom, with a puppy pad available. She pees there most of the time, but poops all over!! Hopefully she will learn fast, as this gets old fast. Good luck!

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