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Is Turkey OK to feed Maltese?

Yesterday I decided to offer Oliver some (cooked) turkey for dinner, rather than his usual, standard food. I gave him mostly dark & light meat, a tiny bit of skin, and a bit of the 'between the skin and meat' fatty parts. His meal totalled approx. 1/2 c., maybe a smidge more. Then later that night (AFTER dinner, of course) I read on the Maltese Mail List I'm on a post saying this person was told by a vet some years ago that you should not feed your Maltese turkey, except maybe a tiny piece as a treat. Apparently it is too rich for their systems. Is anyone else familiar with this? Today Oliver is a bit 'out of it', not quite as spunky as normal and didn't want any breakfast. Now I'm WORRIED! Any advise? If he is having some kind of reaction, what should I offer him as far as food goes? Is it serious enough to call the vet? He doesn't seem actually sick, hasn't vomited, but a bit lethargic. (Of course I am too, after the big feast yesterday...) Thanks for help. -Laurie B.

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