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by Christina

My husband and I both work. At times our two babies are home for a few hours alone (One is a year old and the other is 7 months). Princess who is the older of the two seem to get very depressed when we get ready to leave. Even to the point of mourning. We are concerned about her. Anyone have any ideas (short of quitting our jobs?)


I have my own business, and when I first brought Lucy home was with her 24 hr/day, 7 days/wk. About 6 months later I got a client who wanted me to work on site 1-1/2 days a week. Leaving Luce was the pits--she started crying when I started getting ready to leave (then, I'd start crying because I hated to leave her and she was so pitiful). Actually, I nearly did quit! But, I started giving her hugs and kisses (lots of them) and one of her "big girl" cookies (actually, an Iams puppy cookie) every morning just before I left and telling her I'd be home soon. (I do get home at lunch). For a while, she was STILL pretty pitiful with those big brown eyes, but after a few weeks, she'd take the cookie upstairs and "not mind" my leaving. Maybe something similar will work at your house.
-cathy brown

Hi. I'd be interested in knowing:

  1. what the dog's environment is when you leave,
  2. how many hours are they left alone,
  3. what are the personality types of your dogs,
  4. when you leave and are outside, do you hear any crying or barking,
  5. how much attention do you pay to the dogs before you leave?
I've read and found it true for myself, as hard as it is, I don't make a big fuss anymore when I leave. Pixie Bella knows when the family is fixing to leave, so I don't give her a lot of attention, because if I do [which is only to relieve my guilt for leaving her], I don't get her overly excited with all the hugs and kisses and "Bye-bye, I'll be back, etc. If I say 'bye-bye' to her, that is her cue that she can come. If I give her a lot of affection and then I just leave, it's confusing to her--here she has all this attention and then abruptly it is stopped when I leave--that does affect the dogs. They can't understand how to process that. Before you leave you might try giving the dog something it really likes that would keep it busy while you're leaving, i.e. a Nylabone Roarhide, etc. I don't think you'll have to leave your jobs--at least not now anyway-- [LOL] :)

Do your dogs have a favorite treat? When I have to go to work, I hide a piece of liver in a hollow sterilized bone & put it in Munchkin's crate. He jumps right in & gets so busy trying to get at his liver that he barely glances up when I say "Bye". Hope this helps.
-Carole W.

It's funny you should bring this subject up today! Every morning before I leave for work, I walk Harlee Dee & Travis; this morning,before our walk, Harlee went under my bed and WOULD NOT come out. I pulled up the bedskirt and looked under and tried to bribe her, sweet talk her,etc. and she just layed there with her tail wagging and would not come out!! It was almost as if she was thinking that I'd have to stay home if she didn't come out. Then Travis(my male Malt) peak his head under and pawed at her, it was SO cute! She finally came out and it was if Travis kissed her, thanking her for coming out. Ya gotta love'em!
-Karen Kalamaras

My husband and I have 2 maltese dogs. We used to feel extremely guilty when we went out. They moped and moped and looked extremely depressed. One day we were curious to know what they did while we were out. SO we videotaped them. And guess what!?! The minute the key turned in the lock, the moping stopped and they played and played and played. It was hilarious. I highly recommend that if you work, get a second maltese. We hesitated, thinking it would be so much more work, but they really keep each other company and it has been twice as much fun. (Also we keep a radio on at low volume, fresh water and lots of toys)

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