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What did I buy?


I bought a maltese puppy two weeks ago, from a "breeder" who said she what akc registered. I had searched for a long time to find a breeder in my area, but had no luck. I finally found this breeder who was within a few hours, and went to look at her puppies. I fell in love with the little female puppy and bought her. When the time came to exchange money and papers, the woman said she didn't have the registration numbers, but would call within a few days with them. I knew that was a bad sign, but I couldn't resist the little cutey. I did not get a "bargain" on my precious puppy, and she is gorgeous. I love her whether she is registered or not, but don't think it is fair to others. (I wanted only a pet). needless to say this woman never called. should I call her? Has this ever happened to anyone? How do I know my puppy is purely bred?


I had similar experience not long ago when I got my little adorable maltese. When I went to look at the puppy, I was instantly in love with his looks and personality. There was even another buyer who showed up a few minutes after. Knowing I am in competition, I immediately told my husband to take out the check book. Anyways, make a long story short, I bought him with no AKC paper. However, I did obtain the sire and dam AKC numbers and the owner promised to send the AKC paper in about 2 weeks. It has since been 2 months now. I am also wondering if I can obtain the paper if I do have all the pertinent information about the sire and dam. He is also a pet for me and I will always adore him, its just that I don't like the fact of being tricked and wanted to know his pedigree history.

When I got my little girl 8 years ago, I also was not given papers with the breeder assuring me she would send them along. Since I got her for a pet and fell immediately in love - I took my chances. I do remember having to call to check and make sure they were going to be sent and although it took almost two months - I finally did receive them. Perhaps some people don't follow-up and therefore, the breeder doesn't bother so, if I were you, definitely make that phone call! Good Luck and I know you'll just love your little Maltese - papers or not.

That's absolutely CRAZY! I'm NOT a professional breeder, but when Harlee Dee had her 2 litters, I made sure the AKC registration paperwork was there, and in the hands of the new owners on the day they picked up their puppy. I, as a matter of fact, notified the AKC before the puppies were even conceived. The AKC sent me the paperwork required to register the litter.....boy what they needed to know!!! I did this as a courtesy to the new owners, and these registration papers require the signatures of the "breeder" and the new owner. I also told the new owners that it was their choice whether or not to register the pup. I also suggested, that for the minimal fee required, to get the pedigree papers to reassure them that their new puppy has champion blood lines.
-Karen Kalamaras

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