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Maltese-2nd puppy

by Pam Stevens

After a long search and long wait,I am very excited to be getting my new maltese puppy this weekend. I now own a female minature schnauser, Mitzi, who is 2 yrs old and very possessive of "mommy". She is a good and obedient dog, and she knows that I am her alpha. I have a crate and fenced off "play area" in my house ready for my puppy. I would appreciate suggestions on how I can get Mitzi to accept and love Josie.


I would suggest that you share your attentions equally between both dogs at all times. If one is on your lap the other one will be looking up at you with those eyes so you'd better put both of them on your lap at the same time. If one gets a tid bit from the table, better give the other one one too. When you praise your puppy for every good move it makes, praise your other doggy too, even it it is just watching. I would expect a period of confusion at first, but be patient and reassuring and in a month or two I bet the two will be inseparable. Good luck!
-Donna Skaggs

I am not an expert, but I have read that to prevent sibling rivalry, you should continue to treat the "alpha" dog as the alpha dog. This means that you should greet, pet and feed Mitzi first. The second dog will not perceive this as less attention -- they do not have to be the alpha dog, as long as they know where they rank. Being treated as the alpha dog should help Mitzi to adjust to your new puppy, and help them to become wonderful friends.

I agre with Barbara. That is also what I have heard. If you don't put them in some kind of rank order they will work it out themselves which could be ugly. I have never had two dogs before, but this is what I have heard. Good luck!

I am finally back for a while. While my Amanda had the companionship of three cats, there was not another dog in our family until Amanda was 10 years old. I was very concerned. I told her that another dog was coming in the family, they met on neutral ground away from the house, etc. -- all the things the books say to do.

But one additional thing I did was I asked friends to come if visiting in 2s -- that way, there was always someone to also pick up and make a fuss over Amanda -- who loves company. However, if they didn't come in 2s, they knew to always pick up Amanda first and then include Amanda when then seeing the new puppy. Sort of like, "Amanda, what did you get, a new sister, how nice!" Amanda is definitely a dominant dog, but this worked really well and she accepted the new dog, plus a year later, another new puppy.

So it will work, just don't let her think she is getting a replacement, just a new brother or sister. Good luck.

Hi Pam, I am very very happy that you are getting another one!! I have Missy, seven years old....bought a puppy for her, and then a puppy for the puppy!! I just used a lot of supervision--watching closely for a while. I always tell Missy that she is the "Queen" here. She doesn't play with them all the time, but she certainly has a new lease on life, and watches them constantly. But at first, I just took my time, and went at Missy's speed. So...lots of patience & endurance.
-Bel and the m & m girls

We also have two dogs in our place. It is hard but we try our best to give them equal attention. It is hard for us to give equal attention since one is a pup and the other one is full grown. We have one maltese and one Chiuahua mixed with a pug. Now, you know which one needs more grooming! Of course the maltese does! Therefore I assume that the Chiuahua gets less attention just to the grooming process itself. Anyways, good luck with your little one!

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