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Name My Baby!

by Cindy

My poor baby has yet to acquire a name. There's nothing she does that isn't cute, but I just haven't thought of a name yet. I've had my baby for almost TWO WEEKS!!! If anyone has an original idea.....please HELP!!!! Thanx.


If I had a little girl Maltese, I would call her Fancy.
-April Blackmon

Considering the number of dogs, cats and birds I have had over the years, I have had to come up with many animal names. But I always give my animals people names. Here is just a suggestion: I go through the alphabet letter-by-letter listing off all possible names until I come up with one that seems to fit the particular child and maybe even gets some recognition from the child. It can be hard, but I think a name is something very personal and one has to see the child to pick a name to get with it. Good luck. Sometimes at the grocery stores they have those cheap little name books at the checkout counter that could maybe help you.

It may not be original, but I always liked the name Marshmallow for a Maltese.

Hi! I also favor people names for my pets. There are some great ones in this discussion group. How about April? I bet that was the month your baby was born. Rebecca is a pretty name, and since all my pets end up being called by a nickname that invariably ends with a y sound--she could be called Becky. And for what its worth, my husband's choice for a Maltese name is Popcorn--would she be called Poppy, then?

It took me two weeks to find a name for Jasper. I read all the baby name books at the store to find just the perfect name. At the bigger book stores they have name books for pets. For a female I like the names Emma, Hannah, Annabell, Gilly, Gillan, or Abby. I hope that this helps you. Let us know what name you decide on.
-Susan Fox

I have a good friend who called their little cuttie, Hercules! Always makes me laugh. One day a name will come to you. Good luck!

How about Cindy's Petit Ange Blanc...French for Cindy's little white angel....Angel for short.
-Marsha A.

I love the name 'Bella'--they are beautiful little creatures, aren't they? Check your library. They have a book at my library dedicated to dog names with their meanings. My pup's name is Pixie Bella Star. 'Pixie' means a mischevious little fairy. Let us know what you decide!

Hi I have the same problem. I have a puppy that I have kept for 3 weeks and all I call him was lover. Now I can't find a name. I want to know if anyone would recommend me a French name for a MaLe. Thank You

Vicky,I wanted to name my second child BellaDonna, Bella for short. Bella for her grandmother and donna for my sister. My husband told me that was a drug and would not go for it. It is still one of my favorite names. I wish I would have named her that anyway, and she wished I had also.
-Marsha A.

There are several books available about naming yourdog. The one I found most helpful was "When RoverJust Won't Do". It has both people names & othernames & gives meaning for all. Let us know what your little girl's name is once you decide.
-Carole W.

I have usually given my pups "people names" as well. In Lucy's case, over a several day period, I called her various names that seemed to fit and one day, I said comeone loosey-goosey, she trotted on over expectantly, and she forevermore became Lucy. A suggestion that might be helpful--I recently picked up our Humane Society's spring booklet at my vet's office. At the back, there is a section on folks who donated $$ in a pet's name and some of the names are really unusual or cute. Examples: Snoozer, Pebbles, Sassy, Roxi, Merlin, Gizmo, Lexi, Bitsy, Peeper (which is one of Lucy's nicknames, cause when she was tiny, she "peeped" until she got a bark of her own), Angel Baby. Another suggestion is to think of favorite characters in books, cartoons, tv shows, etc. or adopt a wait and see attitude and call her honey, baby, sweetiepie, etc. until you find the "real" name that fits. Lucy has about a zillion nicknames, and basically knows each of them means her. Have fun. New babies are great!
-cathy brown

One thing you might want to do is look at our 1996 Guestbook(link on home page). There are about 800+ names of other Maltese. This might give you an idea.

Choosing a name for a puppy may be hard since we all want the best for them, even a name. We picked Valentino as a name for our maltese because he was born on Valentine's Day. We just knew it was an appropriate name for him. I know our breeder likes to use candy names. Such as Lacey, candy, Minty, and so forth. Well, I do have to admit, maltese are sweet and loving so giving them a candy name should be a good choice. Good luck!

Here are some names of friend's and neighbor's dogs: Courtney (Courty for short), Brittney, Kelsey, Sasha, Stella, Cheers, Kinsey. I hope some of these help, some are pretty cute. I am in favor of people names for dogs. My husband and I have chosen names that we both like, but would not name a child--perhaps they are too cutsie or whatever. Good luck!!!

I have always liked names that make you laugh. Some that I've used or like are: Trouble, Hercules, Titan, Amazon (Maisie for short). Since you got your little one a couple of weeks ago, you may want to consider Spring as a name or names that remind you of spring. Good luck.

After agonizing over what to call my baby, we finally decided to call him NiNi. Most would say that it's a girls name but i don't care. I had originally wanted to call him LiLi but my boyfriend adamantly told me "no". No matter what he's called though, he'll still be my little baby. Oh yeah, by the way, i had recently gotten a ferret and i named her DaDa. In case you wondered whether i like human names on pets, i have two betta fishes named Jack and Jill. Linda/NiNi

I know the problem. We went through Tia, Xena, and finally ended up with Zsa Zsa, because she is so sassy. We love her to death, but she is definitely not a quiet puppy, so we had to come up with something that matched her personality. (My husband still likes Xena, the princess warrior) What is your puppy like as far as personality goes? I saw a female puppy the other day that was very quiet. Her name was Angel, and Zsa Zsa's mother's name was Angel, too. Good luck!
-Pamela and Zsa Zsa

Hi Cindy- If I had a little girl, I would probably name her Q.T., short for Q-Tip and sounds like cutie. Another cute name is Pellet.

When I get my new baby girl, I plan on naming her Daisy - it's a sunny, bright, springtime kind of name. Good Luck! Let us know..

Thank You All So Much. All of your ideas were great. Thank you, Jay, for suggesting the guestbook. I am so ashamed, but I have only narrowed it down to this:

Moochie, Pixy, Pebble(s), Cozmo, Magpi, Tipper, or Shatzy (German for sweatheart, so I'm told)

Thank you all again. My li'l darlin' appreciates your help. She is anxious to get a name. If anyone else has an idea, I am still interested. Thanks!!!!!!

How about MELANIE?
-Eileen Rice

I know alot of people have replied, but I agree with one of the postings. The name will come to you when you least expect it. For my first maltese, I thought about something white and delicate - hence the name LACEY. For my second maltese, I wanted the same thing - I named her PEARL. My third maltese, I decided I wanted something different. In the middle of the night I woke up and told my husband I was going to name her ROXIE. She fits it to a tee.

How about Tamy?

Our puppy is Bogey, but he should have been named Hops, because sometimes he looks more like a rabbit than a dog when he runs! (Plus then if we got a second one, he could be Barley!) Or I have had lots of strangers call him Killer, just because it's such an ironic name! Good Luck - let us know!

My precious little one is perfect in every way. I see the joy he brings to others and myself with his constant efforts to please. I wish I had a bit of his soul... so beautiful and innocent. Perhaps interacting with something so pure and good will indeed make for a better person. Thus his name...Krishna.

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