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collodial silver

by Barbara and Lou

If anyone reads this pages in Europe.can you suggest where to buy collodial silver in Europe? I live in Slovenia, but I nobody seems to know it here as well as in Italy and Austria.


Health food stores in the US and Canada carry it. It is a human product, pricey even here. You might check with a pharmacist in a drugstore.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

I was curious about where to buy this product also (in U.S.). I have read several suggestions of applying it to remove tear staining. How is this done, mixed with what?, etc.?

I have a printout of information on the product somewhere. I will search for and post it when I find it. It is a product humans consume internally, but I believe it is just applied wet to the hair under the eyes to prevent eye stain. I'll look for the article.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

I didn't find my article on colloidal silver but did find some info to pass on. Supposedly no bacteria can live in the presence of colloidal silver (it's supposed to be a universal anti-bacterial agent). It is the bacteria reacting with the tears and discharge from the eyes that stain the hair. If you have Netscape, go to Alta Vista Web Page Search and type in colloidal silver--you'll get thousands of choices. Here is a web site: There were 13 resources listed under Yahoo also, so you could do a search until you found what you are looking for. My guess is that you simply apply the colloidal silver--I'd use a Q-tip--to the hairs under the eyes. That should effectively stop any bacterial infection and the resultant red stain. A Westie breeder told me about colloidal silver last winter. She seems to think it works pretty well--may try it on my next litter of puppies if they begin staining during teething. Do make sure the product cannot damage the eye in any way. Some of the on-line sources and/or your pharmacist could probably help you there.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

Linda, the colloidal silver is an anti-bacterial solution used as an alternative to the synthetic antibiotics. In human usage, the colloidal silver is actually ingested which then can interact with the auto-immune system. Judging from the usage from the human derivative, the colloidal silver that you've mentioned should be used directly into the eyes of the canines. I would imagine it serves no function if applied to the stained fur as the origin of the bacteria resides within the eyes, near the tear ducts and not on the fur stain. So therefore, I think that it would be helpful if the silver is dropped into the eyes to properly disinfect the bacterial agents causing the stain. I am contributing this information based on my knowledge acquired as a medical student at UCLA.

Eric-thanks for your input. I haven't done much research on colloidal silver--there seems to be a multitude of info on the net but haven't really dug into it. Thanks for your insight as to usage--makes good sense. I'm going to check with my trusty vet--will print out your response and share it with him--before I use anything new on my Maltese babies. Your response has spurred me to action--most Maltese owners hate the unsightly red and if this stuff works, it would be a prize, whatever the cost. Thanks again!!!
-Linda (Snow Angel)

I, too am interested in this product. If anyone has any decisive info. please let me know. I would certainly not want to use anything that isn't confirmed.

Went to the health food store as that is the only place I could find it. Two oz. is $17.00, 4 oz. is $28.00, and if it works, it would be well worth it, but...there is a warning on the label that states "Avoid getting in the eyes (or something to that effect). The salesperson and I discussed it at great length, and I decided that it just wasn't worth taking a chance. So...I sure wish someone could tell us the definitive answer to using this product.
-Linda (Snow Angel)

Hi Linda,I found it at General Nutrition Center...2 oz. @ $11.99 (in the Boston area) The only warning on the label was to keep away from children. It is a clear liquid with no fillers, etc. I decided to try it for a sinus problem I have. The directions state to put one dropper under the tongue, then swallow. I am wondering if it could be used in the same way with our dogs?

Sound like we are all in the dark on this one? I wonder, is there any way we can find out for sure? I would love to know, but refuse to take ANY risks with my baby! It would definitely be worth the money, and more, if it works.

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