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Maltese Rescue and Me

by cathy brown

I am talking to some folks about getting involved in Maltese Rescue as a foster parent. While I am hoping to help out some sweet little Maltese kids, I am also thinking this is a way to have 900 Maltese (more or less) in my life without actually buying them. Before I 100% get involved, though, I was wondering if anyone had any advice about how best to keep the foster baby safe and happy while it is with us and also whether anyone has any thoughts about how the "spoiled only child, Lucy" might react and how to deal with her feelings. Would it be best to invest in a crate for the foster baby to make sure it is safe (also not using my floors for a bathroom)? I am home the majority of the time, but work onsite for a client 2 half days and 1 whole day a week. I know that love goes a long way, but if anyone has an concrete advice on preparing for my new endeavor or any experience with Maltese Rescue that could come in handy, I'd appreciate the help. Thanks.


Cathy, we have a real good article on preparing for and starting a successful rescue. I don't know if you have read it yet but its accessible from our rescue/breeder directory page or to make it a little easier follow this link. I think you might find a few answers your looking for there. Its great to hear that you would like to get involved in this.

The article Jay has referenced is a very good one. I have done rescue for many years. Keeping them, loving them is not the problem. Letting them go is. In all the years I have rescued, I have only had one Maltese. I still miss him and it has been some time since I placed him. I still see him and he runs to me and we play, and after I leave, I cry. These little guys can steal your heart quickly. I am so happy that you are considering being a foster parent. There is such a need for good loving homes in transition. Good luck and God bless.
-Marsha A.

I'M IN THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE, I have 3 goldens and a maltese they all get along fine. I would like to be involved with maltese rescue, they really have my heart . Contact me if I can help.Karen

Thanks everyone. Jay, if you get two emails from me it's because the first didn't go anywhere so I wrote a second which also didn't go anywhere, but this morning both took off at once! Ah the joys of the internet! I will keep everyone posted about how this goes for Lucy, me, and the foster kids.
-cathy brown

Cathy: What a wonderful thing to do. Good luck, I hope Lucy takes to it like a dog takes to water.

Cathy, I just came across a woman in Connecticut who needs a temporary puppysitter until her & her husband buy a house. The puppy CoCo is now living with her mom in Bayonne,NJ, so I'm considering helping her out but I don't think Harlee & Travis will adjust. I'd LOVE to have a house full of Maltese!!! You go girl!
-Karen Kalamaras

Please help. I have a 15 year old Maltese. My parents want her put to sleep. She is deaf, blind, poops and pees on paper and stays in a washroom in her kennel. They keep her. I don't want to put her to sleep. I don't think old age is a reason, but they are tired of cleaning her all day and picking up urine etc... and aren't home most of the day and their house smells. I have a 3 year old and a cat and am renting and don't think I can care for her either. What do I do?

Susan, This depends on how much time you have to care for your Maltese and a very difficult decision that should not be made by you alone. Why not have a family discussion and talk about the situation? Would you like to live the way your Maltese is living? Sometimes the decisions we must make in life are difficult, and out of unselfish love for those most important to us. You will know when it is time!

Susan, Since I can't "see" your maltese but only what you say about how she is living, I can't advise you about what to do here. However, it sounds like she is kind of short-changed in the love department (I don't mean that to sound mean). From what I can see with Lucy, that loving interaction makes her world. I KNOW this is a difficult thing to do. I had a 22 yr old cat that I did everything to keep with us and went (for her, I think) way past the time to help her go home. The day that I knew we had to take her to the vet, I called my son and told him. He came out and we both spent time telling her how important she'd been in our lives and how much we loved her and what a good baby she'd been. She happened to love music (classical) from the time she was teeny, so we played all her favorite music and petted and loved (and cried). Then we took her to the Dr. It was very, very hard. (I'm crying while I write this), but sometimes we have to make hard decisions in life. If your maltese is not healthy enough to have a quality of life that she deserves, you need to be strong enough to send her home to romp in the everlasting fields. Please go to Jay's home page and read Rainbow Bridge. It may help you. My heart goes out to you and to your dear friend.
-cathy brown

Susan, Jay is right, you should talk to your vet about quality of life, and let him help you in your decision about what to do with your dog. If you decide after that to keep your dog, I would be happy to help you with the her. I am home most of the time and would not mind caring for her. I have 6 other Maltese and do rescue, so they are used to new dogs in the house. I keep the dogs in the house with only two carpeted rooms dog gated. I generally have a puppy and am very used to cleaning up after them. If you need a foster home for your dog, I would be happy to help with her. I live in Lumberton, Texas, outside of Beaumont, Texas, 1 hour Southeast of Lake Charles, La. All of my information is listed under the Maltese Only Rescue area.
-Marsha A.

Okay, I've got the old girl with me now. I don't want anyone to think my parents didn't do a great job caring for my girl. They did. I've got her in my kitchen now. A 3X2 kennel is on the way so her pee will drip down through turtle tiles I'll lay down. She sleeps all day in her little house and I get up and put her by her food. She eats, walks around. I hold her a minute, but she doesn't want to be held at all. She walks around some more, pees, then goes back to sleep. Some of the time she sleeps on the floor next to her urine. She also never barks--hasn't in two years. In the night I heard her moaning. I went in, held her a few minutes and put her in her little house. She was there when I got up and I repeated the day. She is 15 years old. This is her life. What do you think? I tried combing her--she wants to get down. Her teeth do this weird chatter thing sometimes. Susan

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