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by ChrisL

Sassie is going to the vet tomorrow to be spayed. I have nevered worried this much about a pet spending the night at the vets. Everyone in the family keeps discussing how lonely she will be. I think this is going to be much harder on us than it is on her. My biggest concern is that she is still so small. She weighs 2 lbs. 12 oz. My vet says that size does not matter. It is the age that counts. Has anyone had a Maltese this small spayed before? I would never consider not having her spayed, (she has an open fontanel that is genetic) I would just like to hear for others with a smaller Maltese who have had this done. Thanks.


Chris, I have a male and female and I had Travis(male)neutered and I'm afraid to have Harlee Dee spayed and she weighs about 11 lbs now. Let us all know how it work out. Give her hugs & kisses from Harlee Dee & Travis.
-Karen Kalamaras

Chris, I know how you feel. I worried so much about Lucy when I had her spayed, and she was close to 4 lb. However, I really trust my vet and know from her previous work with my silky terrier that when dogs are small, she is VERY careful about medicating, anesthesia, etc. In fact, if she errs at all she will tend to err toward less or smaller dosages for the little ones (as she refers to them). Won't do a bit of good to tell you not to worry, but if you are sure of your vet and are in good hands, think good thoughts, say a prayer for the baby, and try to get through the night. Lucy and I will send good thoughts and our prayers upward. Since I am sure Luce is an angel, not a pup, I know you can count on her to get in touch with the Big Guy for you. Sleep well.
-cathy brown

I have a 3 1/2 month old male, who I planned to have neutered at 6 months. Well, it turns out he's precocious in more ways than 1 & he's started marking! Anyone ever hear of them doing this this early?? I'm not sure what to do. At his last visit he weighed 3.6 lbs -- so his weight & age make me nervous about anesthesthia. Advice is greatly welcomed!!!
-Carole W.

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