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Maltese pup stages of growth

by Jay

Ever wonder what a Maltese puppy looks like on its first day of its life? I prepared a page which shows photos of a Maltese pup at various stages of growth up to 8 weeks of age for anyone interested. You can access it from our home page or follow this link


Jay,Thanks for sharing the miracle of life with those that have never been there!

Jay what a wonderful display. Now people can see why these little babies should not be placed for at least 12 weeks as they are just too fragile. If your time allows try to post for the full 12 weeks .
-Cheryl Shoemaker

Hi Jay, I sat by Harlee Dee's side the ENTIRE time she was giving birth. There are NO words to describe the experience. I was continuously on the phone with her Vet, giving him blow by blow details. I was a very nervous grandmother. I had never witnessed an animal giving birth and although I read everything I could find on the subject,I needed the reassurance from him that all that was happening was to be expected. WOW!! And Harlee Dee was the BEST mommy in the world.
-Karen Kalamaras

What a neat thing to put on the web. I hope it will be added to the main listing of topics so people can enjoy it forever. BTW that is an adorable puppy you have there.
-Marsha A.

Oh Jay, the pictures are wonderful especially for the newcomers. Thanks so much for doing this for everyone. A friend of mine at work wants to see what they look like so young and I just printed it and I will take it to work with me. That way I don't have strangers to the dogs in to see them. You are so helpful thanks for all your time.
-Sharon Scherer

Jay, thank you so much for the photos. They're the sweetest. And thank you for all the work you do here.

Jay, These pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so glad I found this site - thanks for sharing.

I'm glad everyone enjoyed the photos and found them of some interest.

To Cheryl Shoemaker, thats a good suggestion and I'll take you up on that. Instead of going only to 8weeks of age, we'll make it 12. They do change quite a bit during that period. Thanks.

What a cutie pie! Who could belive how tiny these babies are when they are born. Jay, you've outdone yourself on this one. It would be neat to add the photos to your home page so folks could see for themselves the wonder of it all (and also just get an extra smile on the days when you think life is kind of "sucky"). The miracle of life TRULY is a miracle whether it's baby people or baby animals, isn't it?
-cathy brown

Cathy, the page with these photos are a part of our home page. There is a link from the directory to them that was added yesterday.

Jay: Totally Great. I just interupted the Basketball Play offs (Bulls) to get Terry to come see the baby pictures. Going to print the page to have with me on my trip to show the family. Thanks, Regards, Shelley

I'm most excited to see the 8 wk. and 10 wk. picture because that is how old my puppy was when we brought her home [10 wks.]. Looking at baby pictures makes me want to get another puppy! I'm going to print them out too so that I can show people what my puppy looked like at those stages. Keep on having fun putting your pages together. I would like to see a bulletin board that You set up like a "Ask the Vet" where you could ask a vet you know if they would like to maybe once a month take questions and then the vet would pick the ones he/she wanted to respond to and then post them on one of your link pages. What do you think about this? Would it be possible? I think it would add to your already innovative website!

Vicki: Great suggestion.

Jay, My vet does this in the newsletter that she sends out bi-monthly. If patients send in questions (fleas questions and getting along with "siblings" are big!) she will answer. Actually the "correspondence" is between the vet and the pet, not the owner/vet. Maybe someone you know or your own vet would be willing to do this--perhaps a good "carrot" would be a chapter of his/her own in your new book!
-cathy brown

The "ask a Vet" page is a good idea. Our vet doesn't do anything for free though, not that I'm aware of anyway. I'll do some checking. The only thing I could offer as far as pay is that I would be willing to design and host a webpage or two for a vet in exchange for his/her expertise in answering the questions. I think that would be a fair compromise?? If someone knows of one that would be interested in doing something like that please contact me.

Jay, Thank you for the wonderful "newborn plus" photos. While my baby is now 11 years old, the puppy shots reminded me of she looked when we first got her. I also wanted to thank you for your ceaseless dedication to this very special website. I have been an avid follower for over a year and I look forward to each change or addition to the site. Your care and understanding is evident throughout. Sorry for seeming too "gushy", but this seemed a good way to say "Thank You". loraine

I am new to this site, and have a new Maltese (unnamed!) owner. I can see why this site is so popular. Anyway, thank you for the photos, now I know how my baby looked as a new-born. Thank You!

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