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by stephen

Thinking about adding a maltese to our family. Can anyone give advise about shedding. For example, do they shed as much as a peke or as little as a bichon? Thanks for any first-hand information you can provide.


Maltese do not have fur, but hair. I don't think you'll have the problem with shedding because they only have one layer of hair and don't go through the seasonal shedding preparing for a winter coat. This is why you won't find fur all over the place. Great breed for those with allergies [I know, my husband is allergic to dog dander (fur dogs), and my son has asthma]. The only time I see hair come out, is if I'm brushing her hair and she has a few mats.

I use to find more hair from my ex-husband around the house!!! The fact that Maltese DO NOT shed, as other dogs do, was the deciding factor,needless to say the cutest faces imaginable.
-Karen Kalamaras

You have made a wise choice The Maltese is a special breed all the others are just Dogs. I have 2 Maltese one 22 months and the puppy is 7 months. We never see hair around the house. We are very perticular about our home and it is definitely not a problem. Wish my birds were as clean as my Maltese. Good luck with your new puppy and may you have many years of joy.

Thank you Shelly, Karen and Vicki for your information.

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