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Ear Hair

by Ruth

I am having the most awful time trying to get the hair out of my 6 month old Herald's ears. I know it needs to come out but every time I try he just goes wild and I can't pin him down. I have tried waiting until he is sleepy and it still doesn't work. Every time I lift his ear to look inside he just keeps shaking his head and wiggling and I'm afraid I will hurt him. Any ideas?


I have two that will let me clean their ears, the others do not like it, so my husband hugs them up to his chest and talks to them while I clean them. It seems once he gets their attention, they are calmer and will let me clean their ears.
-Marsha A.

I always the groomer do the ear hair on Harlee Dee & Travis. I am also so afraid I'll do it wrong and somehow hurt them. I also wait for the groomer to clip their nails, I guess I'm just a whimp !!
-Karen Kalamaras

Just pulled a small amount of ear hairs on KoKo and Shayna this morning and they both surprised me and were really good. I did not press the issue and will wait for another day to pull more. Afterwards I use a cotton Ball and put Ear Cleaner on it and clean, they both enjoyed that too. It has taken a lot of time but it seems they are beginning to trust me. Be patient and firm. Good Luck.

We have the same problem with our maltese, abby. She is 8 months now and till now I have done her grooming myself using Oster pet clippers and scissors. Though she puts up some resistance in the beginning, she atleast lets me use both the clippers and scissors on her. But she just doesn't let me pull her ear hairs. Somebody mentioned using ear powder. Is there any particular brand that works best for pulling ear hairs ??....If so where would I get that brand ??....Pet stores or catalogs ?? If nothing works, I may have to end up taking Abby to the groomers. Thanks

My vet told me to use cornstarch on my fingers before grasping the ear hairs. It works.

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