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wee-wee pads

by April Blackmon

My puppy is paper trained to wee-wee pads. He stays dry all night, now and is doing so well with his training. I love the convenience of wee-wee pads, but I want to train him to go outside. I have delayed taking him out because we live in the south, and have lots of mosquitos. It is only recently that we have begun heart worm medication. I don't want to confuse him, either. Can you teach them to do both? Also, does anyone know where one can get wee-wee pads, cheaply?


I never did the "in the house" thing. I have always trained Herald to go outside to do his business but I read somewhere that the best way to teach him the concept would be to move the wee wee pads closer and closer to the door until they were right in front of it and when you see him go to the door, just take him out. Leave him the option of the pad if you are not at home but just watch carefully and you will catch him. Sorry, don't know where to purchase them inexpensively.

Take the weewee pad and place it outside--preferably one already used. Praise your puppy for using it outside. Eventually he will get the idea that it is okay to do his business both inside on pads and outside.

A cheap source--call the hospital supply company in your area and ask to purchase UNDERPADS, what hospital and nursing homes place under incontinent patients--much, much cheaper than the commercial weewee pad and actually better made--less leakage. I bought a caseof 150 for $45.00 in Phoenix. Someone told me you can also buy them (underpads) at some Price-Costco clubs where they keep the feminine products!
-Linda (Snow Angel)

Linda is right. All 6 of mine were trained this way, with the pad outside. They will always check the dog door, if it is open they go outside. If it is closed, they use the paper. I also live in the south and there are times when they cannot go outside. I also close the dog door when I am not at home. They understand the concept very well.
-Marsha A.

I'm jealous! The only thing my brat-child ever did with wee wee pads is tear them into shreds-- and they do shred! After being litter box trained for 2 years, she basically trained herself to go outside after we got a fenced yard. I just praise her & bribe her (treats) when she would go outside, now it's like a game to her (she tries to make me think she's earned a treat just because she went outside & sat on the deck!) She prefers to "go" outside now. Good luck!

I have a 7yr old 4 1/2 lb maltese. She's been using Wee Wee pads her whole life (I live in a Hi-rise). The least expensive I've found is from J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies..800-526-0388..30 pads for $8.95 (.29 per) bought by the case. Since they are treated with a scent to "show" the baby where to go , they might work better than the ones for incontinent people. Good Luck.

The scented pads (actual wee wee pads) are great for teaching babies. You can buy a bottle of potty scent (called housebreaking aid)and put on the unscented pads also. The reason I went to the underpads was that the shipping to Alaska on the bulky wee wee pads was killing me! It wasn't the cost of the pad but the cost of shipping. Also the underpads I get are about twice as big as the regular size wee wee pads. (The bottled scent can be found in the catalogs right beside the wee wee pads if you're interested in it.)
-inda (Snow Angel)

Thanks, everyone. My Noah went outside without hesitation! He is such a smart little thing; easier to toilet train than my children were. It is raining here, today and it is cold, too. Think we'll stay indoors.

I have the same problem with my 8wk old puppy as debbie did. All she wants to do is chew her wee pad. at night she does go potty on the pad, but during the day she thinks its food or a toy.

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