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by Laurie

Can anyone tell me of a good conditioner that helps keep the matting down? If so where I can get it.


I use Pet silk leave in conditioner and pet silk rub on. It has helped so much, my dogs do not mat or tangle anymore. I get it locally under the name Coole Pet, but there are other manufacturers on the market. Check with your groomer and they should know where to find it.
-Marsha A.

Hi,Well, I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing, but it works.....I use Johnsons, No More Tangles. It never worked well for my kids, but it works great on Pepper.

This doesn't keep them from tangling, but it's great to get tangles out--Soft 'n Silky by Four Paws. It's like magic, makes those tangles melt away plus gives her a fresher between-baths smell! I'll try the others mentioned--I'd love to prevent the tangles in the first place.

I highly recommend the complete line of "Coat Handler" products. The shampoo brightens the coat, prevents yellow discoloration and stains without leaving residue and the conditioner works well in preventing mats and tangles. I use it all the time on my show coats. Works great!
Made by SENPROCO. (800) 748-1777
Linda Coleman Lin Lee Maltese
-Linda Coleman-Lin Lee Maltese

Dear Laurie, I was at an all breed dog show yesterday, and found out that a handler who has been grooming/handling for 30 years has introduced a new product.....she worked for a year to perfect I bought the shampoo, rinse, and conditioning spray. I did not hesitate to buy this, as I know the champions that she has trained....and the beautiful coats they have!! If you would like to email me, I can give you her phone number. Bel and the m & m girls
-Bel & the m & m girls

The Pet Silk products work great. I use these on my show dogs, the coats look great, smell good, and don't mat. If you want to order these, contact me by private e-mail.
-Carole - Fantasyland Maltese

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