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by Jenny

I have a three and a half month old maltese and I was wondering when is it appropriate for me to bring him to the groomer? At this moment, he is still in a puppy cut so I am not too worried, but approx. when should I take him? What is the best cut I should give my maltese?


Look down on the topics page to a post titled "grooming - cuts" I think. Its dated 5/18. If its not there look on page 4 of the archives as it will be moved there Sunday. There discussion on just what you are asking.

I took my little girl, Mika, to the groomer for the first time last week. Mika is about 6 months old. Things were getting caught in her hair so I decided it was time for a trim. Mika now has a puppy cut and looks very adorable. Make sure you don't take you pup to the groomer before it has had all of it's shots. Jackie and Mika :-)
-Jackie Florio

Jenny,To add to Jackie's post. My groomer not only wants (and checks to be sure) all the shots, but also wants bordatello (for kennel cough) before grooming.
-cathy brown

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