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The wave

by Patti

I was wondering it this cute behavior is widespead among this breed, or is it just our dog. He "Waves" it looks kind of like begging, but his front paws are together and he raises and lowers them, so it looks like he is waving. He does this when laying on his back, when holding him, or standing up on his hind feet. He does this when ever you greet him, or when you leave. It is real cute! I just wanted to know if other dogs do this as well.


I have two, Bubba and Sarah, that stand up on the dog gate, and wave bye-bye to my sister when she leaves. She has always told them bye and waved her hand. These two started about a month ago returning the wave. They are the smartest little things. I also have one, Sarah, that returns a coo sound when she hears the doves. My husband thought it was an accident, until he cooed to her and she returned it every time.
-Marsha A.

Maltese have many endearing qualities. I have one that smiles--she only smiles at people she really cares about, but it is a definite smile, curling up her top lip and showing her teeth. I have another one that chortles (kind of a rolling bark). She only does it when she has a toy in her mouth--she's 4 months old--and she does it even more when we laugh at her. I have a third one who does the wave, although I liken it to praying. (Point of interest--there is some evidence that the smiling and the chortling are hereditary. Research has documented that smiling is; the puppy who chortles has a father and grandfather who also do it!)
-Linda (Snow Angel)

Patti, Travis does the exact same thing. When I come home, he'll actually stand on his back paws, put his front paws together and "wave". He also does this when he's laying on his back, for no reason at all. And I do agree that it's one of the cutest things.
-Karen Kalamaras

Scruffy (my 5 yr old male) "waves" exactly as you have described. Gabby (my 10 mo old baby) raises her front paws in a full standing position. I taught her to do this in response to my saying "Praise the Lord" which I say when she successfully pees outside and right before she gets a treat for it. Both actions are so darn cute. But then, what do Maltese do that isn't cute?!?

Hanging on my refrigerator is the photo that was taken of me and Lucy the day I bought her. She is this tiny little fluff ball, cuddled up against me, AND doing "the wave." It is THE MOST ADORABLE new baby photo on the planet (just ask me!).
-cathy brown

Our 4 month old maltese, Wrigley, waves too. We are trying to get her to do it on command. She also lies on her back, puts both paws behind her ears, slides them down over her eyes like she is playing peek-a-boo.
-Lu Schmidt

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