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by Mark Brennan

We would first like to commend the administrators of this website for the terrific job they have done with it. My wife and I have been visiting here everyday for the last month and have found more information here than we ever dreamed of. No book on maltese could give us what we have read from everyone in this group so far.

Now to my question. Does the maltese tend to favor the females in ones family? I have noticed that most in this group are female. My wife ironically said when we get our dog it will be a "Maltese Only" or nothing. I would like a dog with will give us both the same love and not be preferential to one or the other because of gender. Thanks in advance for any comments.


I recently had a request for a second maltese for a family because mom (who most wanted a maltese) was feeling left out. The first maltese was definitely dad's.

Abby seems to love my boyfriend a lot more than me. I can play with her but she is definitely his buddy. I am not sure if this occurs with all females but it does with Abby. She still seems to love me to a certain extent and I love her a lot.

In my opinion if there is a bias it is not on the part of the dogs. I think so many Maltese are owned by women because many people see them as feminine in appearance. One of the most endearing traits of the Maltese breed is their terribly loving nature, which they lavish on anyone who is willing. If you want a dog that adores both you and your wife the very best choice to make is a Maltese :)

I am the caretaker, I feed, bathe, brush, wash faces, make sure there is always fresh water, etc. When my husband comes home from work, he is "Daddy". They sit in the recliner and watch t.v. with him, and curl up with him at night in bed. I would say we both get attention, he just gets the best part.
-Marsha A.

Hi, Pepper is a 7 month old male Maltese & I too felt Maltese or nothing. My husband was neutral re: getting a dog. I "potty trained" Pepper, feed him, bathe him, take him to the vet, etc. Well, Pepper adores my husband and will follow his ever move. While Pepper will come to me for love and affection also, he definately favors my husband. It might have something to do with my husband spoiling him re: giving him treats etc. and additionally, he doesn't associate my husband with going to the vet, groomer etc.

Lucy and I are "in love" with each other. She is definitely my baby. But when my guy is around, she is definitely his girl. She kisses and kisses him, begs to have him pick her up, plays the "catchmeifyoucan" game and generally flirts and showers him with love. When I tell her "Mikey is coming" she sits at the window and watches for him and her little behind starts to wiggle as soon his car pulls in the driveway. If she knows he is coming and she needs a walk, she races out, does her thing, and flies back home to be sure she doesn't miss him. She loves to lie on his chest or curl up next to him and thinks his beard is the BEST plaything. Also showers him with 9,000 kisses a minute. He never had a dog before and was really skeptical about this one, but they have a mutual love-in going--he talks to her on the phone when he's away. So, there you go. In my experience, Maltese are just the lovingist creatures around and give back your love about a hundredfold So, not to worry. Your new baby will love you both and shower you with kisses on a regular basis.
-cathy brown

I take care of our Maltese, Noah. When my husband, Charles, walks in, he is all over him which delights Charles, no end. He knows that Charles is "the leader of the pack", and this is what Charles calls himself. My sister says that I am the "alpha female" and that Charles is the "alpha male" while our twp boys are the lesser members of our "pack". However, I credit the lady I got our puppy from. He comes from a "family" enviornment and is well-socialized. Hats off to Maltese Only !
-April Blackmon

Our Maltese is only 5 months old--but I have to say my husband was not thrilled about getting a small dog. We have a 55 lb. dog he loves, and he was skeptical, but wanted me to have her as he travels so much. The relationship they have is amazing--he says to me often that he can't believe how much he adores her. She loves both of us, but is used to sleeping with me at night, that is the only difference. She stole both of our hearts and even Lestat's (our other 7 year old dog) too.

I am definately Pixie Bella's caretaker and main alpha, but Pixie B. adores my husband. He is the "treat man"! She follows him and begs for his attention. She will go to his side of the bed when he is not there and when he's there. My husband taught her to sit, so she sits for him without even being told in hopes for a treat. Wags her tail and sits very stoicly. It's very funny. Of course, my husband tells her how he loves her and she is sooo pretty. What woman wouldn't eat that up! When she is hungary, she comes to me, when she wants to play, she goes to my husband. Very interesting the roles she knows She has with each one of us. She will cuddle with my husband on his chest or by his side, but with me, she always goes down by my feet. I'm guessing this is a respect thing of authority or something.

Pixie B. loves Everybody, male or female. Right now she is on her brother's lap, and is up on his chest--kissing away.

Yes, Daddy is a welcome sight in our house. Chance is my baby, but when my husband comes home, she's all over him. You won't feel left out. However, if Chance is hungry or needs something, she wants me. If you feed her and help take care of her she'll have two favorites. With Maltese there is always enough love to go around.

I just bought my puppy two weeks ago (still no name). She loves to come beg me to hold her, and always finds me when whe wants to chew on someone, but when she wants to play she always finds my boyfriend. This doesn't bother me, because I get the cuddly puppy I want, he gets the playful little c critter he wants. We both love her equally as I'm sure you both do, so don't worry.

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