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Life Preserver

by Art McDermott

Does anyone know if life preservers are sold for a Maltese ??? We have a pool and are very concerned and want to protect our puppy in any way possible. Thanx


Hi Art ! Yes they certainly do have life preservers for maltese. We have had a pool for years and have always had life preservers for the dogs. I live in Canada and bought mine at the Super Pet Chain of stores. If you don't have Super Pet, try R.C. Steeles Pet Suuplies. They are from the U.S. and I am sure that they would have one. Good Luck !

Art, We also have a pool, and were very concerned about our little girl falling in and not being able to get out. I used to watch her like a hawk, whenever she went out back. She has snift at it once or twice, and avoids it like the plague! I guess she knows. By the way, our Maltese can swim. I carried her in the pool with me one really hot day, and she can swim like a fish! I thought for some reason Maltese sink! You have to be careful though, especially if the pool is very cold-I'm sure that she would get hypothermia if left in very long.

Discount Master (1 800 346-0749) features a Poodle on the cover wearing a life preserver...small (12"-15") sells for $13.99...might be a little large . Hope this helps!

Art: We had a boat for about 13 months and the minute KoKo's paws touched the Deck she had to wear a life jacket. I got mine at a Dog Shop in the Flea Market in FL. Also seen them in Foster Smith Catalog. 800-826-7206. Even if you don't order it from them call for a free catalog. They are really great.

There is a message in the archives that anyone who has both a Maltese and a swimming pool should take a look at.

I am concerned about the message above that states that her maltese can swim. While I am sure that this person is correct that her maltese can, indeed, swim, I have NEVER had a maltese that can swim. I have been showing and breeding for 10 years and have always had a pool. NOT ONE OF MY MALTESE COULD EVER SWIM. Even the ones that are not in full, show coats, could never swim and I tested them MANY times. Please don't take a chance with your little one or assume that all dogs can swim because I am here to tell you that they can't. BE CAREFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a myth that all dogs can swim--along the same lines that if you throw a child into the water, the child will swim...wrong, wrong, wrong on both counts. As someone else mentioned, read the posts on this topic in the archives. If they don't tear your heart out and put the fear of God into you re your baby and the pool, nothing will.
-cathy brown

Try the boating accessory people, E&B Discount Marine 1-800-BOATING or Also try Boat U.S. another boating supply catalog. I don't have their phone #.
-Donna Skaggs

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