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Want to show Maltese

by Sally

I have a beautiful Maltese, Chance, who is PET quality, and not suitable for showing or breeding. However, I am interested in showing Maltese, within the next five years. The thing is that I want spend the next few years learning about showing, and THEN go out and purchase a show dog. Once I have some knowledge and experience behind me. So, my question is: How does someone get started? Are there any good books on the subject of showing? Where are the best places to get my feet wet. Thank you in advance for your responses.


Sally - the best thing to do, is find a dog show in your area and attend. At that show, you can get a list from the superintendent of all the shows in your area. I would highly recommend watching all the different breeds, not just the Maltese. You can pick up handling tips from all handlers, especially the terrier handlers. Walk around the grooming area and watch people groom, and ask questions, just don't ask questions at ringside, find that handler, breeder, owner etc..later and ask. The best place to buy books on handling, or grooming is at a show. Petstores and bookstores just don't seem to carry as many books on show dogs. Showing is very rewarding and there are alot of helpful people out there and some not so helpful people. The major thing is to not get discouraged. Its a great idea to do your research before you get immersed, showing and breeding are not profitable professions, unless you're a handler with a string of 30 to 40 dogs at every show. It takes a lot of time, patience, and money. Good luck and Have fun!

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