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urine on hair

by Sharon

I'm thinking of getting a Maltese. How do you keep them from smelling of urine since they have such long hair? Also, is it okay to keep it trimmed. And, when I used to wear my hair pulled back, I got a headache. How do we know a topknot doesn't make them uncomfortable? Is it okay to keep the hair trimmed around their eyes?


Dear Sharon: Good choice. I have never smelled urine on either of my Maltese. KoKo has short hair on her body and the Maltese face and tail. Shayna has long hair all over. When I put top knots on them if it is too tight, they work it to a comfortable adjustment. They are very small you know. KoKo also has eye brows and looks real cute. You can see both their pictures in the album. Hope you decide on a Maltese and enjoy you puppy.

I have two of mine cut down and they look so cute that I am going to have the rest of them done. There are so many cute do's for them, your groomer can help you decide on one. If you choose to leave the hair long, though, it is not hard to maintain when you only have one, and they are very clean with themselves. You have made the right choice to select a Maltese, you will have a best friend, and constant companion.
-Marsha A.

I have two Maltese and I have never had a problem with urine on their coats. I have had a rare problem with bits of feces getting stuck in their fur. It is something you want to watch for when you groom them. As far as keeping the hair out of the eyes. I keep mine trimmed especially around the face. That sort of cut doesn't work for showing, but if you want a pet it is much easier on you and your dog. Maltese dogs are wonderful. Getting Cloud and later Clancy were two of the smartest decisions I've ever made.

My little male Maltese is still a puppy, and he does get a little urine on him. I don't expect this to continue as he matures. I put a little baby powder on his tummy when I groom him. I get mine cut to about one and a half inches all over. The shorter length is easier to keep, but Maltese require regular grooming for good health. It is so worth it, though! They are so precious.
-April Blackmon

HI Sharon, There is nothing else to say !!! Everyone else has said it all. GREAT CHOICE TO MAKE !!! My 2 are cut short due to the fact that there is not enough time in the day for me. I'm busy 24/7 and Harlee Dee & Travis enjoy rolling in the grass TOO much.
-Karen Kalamaras

Hi Sharon! I have found that closely snipping (carefully) the hair around the genitals helps with this problem. Also, when there is a bit of stool or urine on the hindquarters, I put my dog in the kitchen sink with her front feet on the counter, and using the spray attachment, rinse just the area under the tail and between the legs. She hardly gets wet except where the problem is. I don't like to bathe her more than once a week or so.

Thank each of you for the info about urine in the hair. It alleviates my hesitancy on getting a Maltese. The photos I see are usually with very long hair. I have a hairy dog now but not that long. I've had a short hair and a long hair and I have to say that I enjoy the grooming part and so does Max. It's good for our relationship. I used to use a soft brush on my short haired dachsie because she was jealous that she didn't need grooming.

Sharon, I had to laugh at your last post. Lucy has been a pain in the butt to brush since she was a teeny thing. She wants to grab the brush, wiggle, do ANYTHING to avoid the brushing. When my mom died about 6 mos ago, I inherited her 20+pound siamese cat. The cat avoided us like the plague until recently when it decided to join Lucy and me and "make a family." She (the cat) was alive with loose hair, so I started brushing her each night when she comes up on the bed. The cat loves it and purrs and generally puts out "happy vibes." Lucy watched this for a few nights with the most comical expression on her face (like,this is very interesting, what might I be missing here) and now she wants me to brush her instead of the cat. (Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to get the ball rolling!) It certainly has made my life easier!
-cathy brown

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