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Blue Waterless Shampoo

by Vicki

Has anyone out there used Blue Waterless Shampoo to wash your dog's face daily with for keeping a white face? Bev recommended this. I'm anxious to order some, but was curious if anyone had any input on this; success with it, etc.


Dear Vicki, I use the waterless blue shampoo all the time to refresh the coat between baths. I highly recommend it for cleaning urine stain as well as keeping the face clean. Apply to the face with a cosmetic pad, making sure it doesn't get in the eyes. Follow with cornstarch to dry and carefully comb out excess cornstarch. You will notice a difference in a couple of weeks. This not only cleans, but "whitens" too!
Linda Coleman
Lin Lee Maltese
-Linda Coleman-Lin Lee

Can this shampoo be bought at pet stores or do you have to order it? If you have to order it where at?

Please check the list of catalogs on Jay's page. I purchase the waterless shampoo from one of the major suppliers. I am not aware if it is sold in the pet stores, but perhaps they can order it for you. Bio Groom is the name of the one I use.
-Linda Coleman-Lin Lee Maltese

The phone number for Cherrywood is on Jay's link to free catalogs. Bio Groom Super Blue Plus 16 oz. is $3.50 + $6.00 S&H order #3-11; Bio Groom Super Blue Plus Gallon is $11.50 + $6.00 S&H, order #3-13, Cherrybrook, P.O. Box 15, Broadway, NJ 08808, 1-800-524-0820 [I'm gonna order some]

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