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Hair Care

by Olivia

I am the new owner of a Maltese puppy. She has little hairs which stick out from the nose area or between the eyes and seem to be in her line of vision. My boyfriend and I have argued as to whether these hairs are normal or should be trimmed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


Congratulations on your new puppy. The true Maltese hair do is all the hair grows out and the top knot is made from the hair directly above both eye, either a single knot or 2, one near each ear. I found it was better for my girls to start off cutting a small amount of hair near their eyes so they could see better. KoKo (22 months) actually has eye brows about 1/8 " high over her eyes. Shayna (7 Months old) I'm letting all hair grow out to put in top knot. It's a matter of choice if it is a pet. If you are going to show your puppy start now to grow her full coat. Enjoy your new puppy.

Thanks, Shelley. I wasn't speaking of hair over the eyes -- these hairs are what would appear to be the bridge of the nose area -- like right in the corners of the eyes. Whadda ya think?

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