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by Jackie Florio

My 6 month old Maltese, Mika, went to the groomer for the first time on Tuesday. Today her left ear has been bothering her. I checked it for cuts and found none. Mika's ear hairs were plucked for the first time too. Are they just sore or could she have water in her ear from the bath. Thanks. Jackie and Mika


Jackie: Mika's ears may be sore from the ear hairs being pulled. Try using a cotton ball and roll it in your fingers to make a point and wet with EAR-CARE Cleaner, gently roll it around in her ear one at a time using 2 different cotton balls. Both my girls like this. If it did bleed or something it sould show on the cotton. If problem persists see your vet. I have never got water in their ears where they have reacted like you described, but I'm always careful to spray them with their ears down. This is another reason I like to groom my girls myself.

You might want the vet to check the ears. My dogs began getting their ears cleaned at 3 months. I have one dog that I have to watch very closely as she is prone to ear infections. She has very thick hair in her ears and I have to clean the hair out of them every week to two weeks. I also put ear cleaner and dryer in them after each bath.
-Marsha A.

Jackie: I was walking the girls this morning and thinking about your post. KoKo had been returned from the groomer with flea's check for fleas and ticks. Your dog is exposed to many other dogs at the groomer and they can bring home all kinds of surprises. Another reason I like to do my grooming.

Thank you for all of your replies. On Friday I had Mika's ears checked by her vet. My little one has an ear infection. She is now on medication and dueing much better. Hugs to all! Jackie and Mika
-Jackie Florio

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