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by Sylvia

I'm curious what you folks have to pay for vaccinations (Carole comments on puppies sold too young due to cost of shots)Here in Edmonton we have to pay $40-50 per and its seldom you see puppies sold as young as 6 weeks.


I don't know about others,but, vets bills vary. I have paid anywhere from $40-$100 per dog(shots only!). I finally found a vet who is very reasonable and is wonderful with Harlee Dee & Travis. I am NOT a breeder, however, Harlee Dee had a litter of 4 ,and her vet at the time, said the puppies were doing so well at the age of 7 weeks, that if the new owners wanted to take them home it would be fine. I was not concerned about the vets decision because they all had extremely healthy appetites. By this age, they were all going crazy for puppy food(soft naturally), and as of this date,they're all healthy, happy puppies. Some might not agree with me, but this is my own opinion.
-Karen Kalamaras

Had to look it up. When I go I usually buy Advantage and heart worm pills, etc, so never sure how much the shots are.

Lyme = 11.25
Rabies = 6.20
DHLPP CVK = 15.20
Coughguard B/ = 12.00
Bordetella = 14.40
Parvo = 13.20

My vet does not charge me for office exams or fecal tests. I didn't know that until now, what a nice guy, huh. My major expense is Advantage. They love to play outside and have to get baths at least twice per week, sometimes more, but we live in the country, and it is a must.
-Marsha A.

Hi Marsha, I was just wondering. I started Pepper on Advantage & I too give him at least once a week. How often do you reapply Advantage?

Hi everyone! Pixie Bella and I just got home from the vets. She is 4 mos. old today. My vet charged me $88.00 for the entire series for the year, including the rabies 1 year booster and Home Again microchip [they call it the Puppy Club prices]. She is all through for the year. The vet is so great. He gave her a shot to counteract any reaction she would have from the 'lepto' shot. He held her for a bit and got lots of kisses from her, put some treats on the table while he gave her the shots. She was very brave and didn't cry this time. I was sitting down with her on the couch and the cat next to me scratched Pixie's eye. They checked it and it was only the lid, thank goodness. That was her first experience around a cat too! Anyway, I know I got great prices because I had checked around. Most wanted $80-100 a set, and I only paid $88.00 for the whole thing!

I usually apply the advantage twice per month. It varies. Charlee and Jr. just went through obedience classes and everytime I brought them home from class, I found a flea on them. I give them a bath during the summer about three times per week. That white hair gets really dirty outside. I have noticed that the Advantage lasts about two weeks through washings and all if they are kept at home, where my outside dogs wear collars and use program, but we do take them out with us a lot, two at a time. They let me know if they have a flea. The run up to me and whine and scratch. I look and there it is. I have never found more than one or two fleas at a time on them, but you would think the way they carry on that they are covered. I give them a bath and put on the advantage, and they are fine. If I use it twice per month that is $96.00 to treat them all per month.
-Marsha A.

Hi everyone, After reading the above posts, I had a few questions. I checked Abby's (8 month old) records and the vet had given her two shots. One for Rabies and the other shot that is listed as Dist/Hep/Lep/Para/Parv/Coron. Reading Marsha's post, it sounded like her puppy got a lot more shots. The vet told me that Abby doesn't require shots for another year. Does Abby require any further shots ??...This is my first pet and I just want to make sure I am doing the right thing.....Secondly on the subject of fleas. Till now I have not treated Abby with any flea control products. I don't think she has any fleas on her. But she does spend a lot of time outdoors. As a precaution, do I still treat her with a flea product ? Other than itching, are there any other signs that I should watch for (to know if there are fleas/eggs on her) ? Thanks a bunch

I use Frontline Top Spot rather than Advantage for Lucy. It comes in a pouch like Advantage and goes on the same way. It lasts for a month and is supposed to work despite bathing. So far, we've had nary a flea, and I bathe Lucy at home about once a week, plus the groomer's "do" once a month. The first time I used the Top Spot was last winter when I took Lucy to Georgia and in a day, she was absolutely COVERED with fleas...they were even crawling down her nose! I took her to my aunt's vet the 2nd day we were there, and he suggested the Top Spot (I went in asking for Advantage). All the fleas were gone in 24 hr, so it really took care of them. I've been using it once a month since and have had no sign of fleas. (It also is supposed to keep the ticks away.) So for those who bathe the kids frequently, based on our experience, I would recommend the Frontline over the Advantage.
-cathy brown

I tried Frontline, as it is much cheaper than Advantage, but 3 of my dogs had a reaction to it. Two of them just got a rash but one of them was so bad, I had to rush her to the vet. Now when I try any of the products that have a lasting effect on the dogs, I first try it in the vet's office in case I have problems. Several of my friends use Frontline and have had no problems at all. As far as shots, some of them depend on the area you live in. In Texas, we have ticks, especially where I live, so the Lyme shots are needed.
-Marsha A.

My Vet charges $10 for everything here in LA CA

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