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hypoallergenic dog food?

by Emma

I have a 10 year old maltese named Chancey. He is the absolute love of my life. I got him when I was a freshman in highschool. I have since left home, finished college, and gotten married. Over the last 2 years I have had some severe health problems which have required me to move back home with my parents while I am seeking medical care. I am bed ridden and in a wheelchair. When I came home sick, Chancey would not leave my side. I noticed he did not look very good so we had some testing done and he was diagnosed with addison's disease. With medication his health has dramatically improved. He has more energy and does more physical activity than he did when he was a puppy. Although he takes Reglan for the nausea, he still throws up maybe once every 10 days. He also doesn't eat much. Both of these things I understand to be characteristic of addison's disease. His vet does not seem to be too concerned. Through my own research I understand that his vomiting could be a result of allergies to his food. He also licks his paws-not severely. For his paws the vet gave us Benedryl (liquid) which he hates. His appetite has dramitically decreased in the last 10 days. I am concerned. I have been trying to find a homemade hypo-allergenic food recipe to see if his symptoms cease. Also a recipe for treats, currently he gets milkbone dog treats. But, all of the recipes I have been able to locate for dogs include either wheat, corn, soy, or beef products which I read can all cause allergies. His current food is Nutro Max Mini which the breeder recommende. I would consider buying a new type of food, yet I'm skeptical of advertisements stating "hypoallergenic" or "no preservatives". Any suggestions would be helpful I just want him to be completely healthy and to love his food.


Hi Emma, I also have a maltese with special dietary restrictions. I have looked up in my Vegetarian Times magazine 4 places you can call and maybe they can help you........ Evolution Diet by Dr. Eric Weisman & Assoc.
Whiskers Holistic Organic
-1 800-whiskers or 1 212-979-2532
Wow Bow Distributors 1-800-326-0230
Vegetarian Cats & Dogs-1 800 793-9161

I hope this helps you and do remember to call around to the Vet. colleges around the country. I called Michigan State School of Vet. Good Luck!!!

Tessie has acute bowel disorder and must stay on a lamb and rice diet. She also takes 1.25 mg of cortisone every other day. She had a flare-up last weekend and is now on a full corrective course with 5mg/day for 5 days and a gradual reduction for the next month back to the original l.25mg. She can not eat any beef. Also, you might want to try a rice diet. Good luck. Trust a good vet who has the appropriate diagnostic tools. Hugs work too.

I just bought some puppy and adult dog food from my vet who is into natural products [I noticed from the products he carries and the magazine he has available]. They feed all their dogs this. It is FLINT RIVER RANCH, chicken, rice and lamb. No Ethoxyquin, No BHT, No BHA, No Corn. No By-products. No Chemical Preservatives. It is an oven baked Kibble, high density. I feed Pixie only 1/2 cup a day [she is currently 5lbs @ 4 mos.]. It is highly digestible and palatable [I mixed Pixie's current food Nutro small kibbles Chicken, rice,lamb in with it today--she went for the Flint River Ranch first]. All natural ingredients plus Essential Vitamins and Minerals. No artifical flavors, colors, or preservatives. The formula is nutritionally complete and balanced for All Stages of life according to AAFCO Nutrient Profiles for dog foods. Contact Flint River Ranch (909) 682-5048 if you are interested in checking into a diet that may be helpful for your dog. My vet also gives a natural Lamb & Rice treat to her everytime she goes, but I don't know the name of it. Know what, I'm in California, I'll call Flint Ranch for you and report anything that may be of help to you and post it later, how's that?

Emma, I just got off the phone with a gal at FLINT RIVER RANCH. I explained Chancey's condition. She told me their food is hypoallergenic because of the all natural ingredients used. I know Pixie gobbled it up. Anyway, the gal said, if you'd like, you could call and they would be happy to send you out some information that may prove to be helpful for you at (909) 682-5048. Hope this helps. Best Wishes to you and Chancey.

I have a 7 yr old, 5 lb Maltese, Bambi, and firmly beleive in "healthy" food to strengthen the immune system, which then does the work. Bambi has a long history of health problems, colds frequently (we live in Miami), respiratory problems, vomiting frequently, etc. All while being fed "prescription" food. Then some friends in the dog grooming business told me about Solid Gold..Holistic dog food from Calif. No corn, wheat, soy...has cold pressed flax seed oil, no chemical preservatives, etc. I get it from a local distributor..if you put the name into a search engine you can find more info and the closest place to you where you can get it. I started Bambi on a combination of it and organic vegetables (mostly raw), and an enzyme suplement(also from solid gold)(they also dont process their Hund-n-Flocken over 140 degrees) a year ago...she is a new a puppy..runs, and plays, and more colds or respiratory problems..amazing. Good Luck
-Mary Weston

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