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Just lost my puppy

by Marsha A.

It is totally amazing how attached you can get to a Maltese puppy you have never seen. I was to pick up my new little male next weekend, and just received an e-mail that he passed away today. The vet said he had a liver problem. The breeder had sent me some pictures and I fell in love with him. It is a very sad day.


Dear Marsha A. I am so sorry about you puppy. We had the same experience in January, we waited for it to be born and was so excited we called everyone. The Puppy lived 2 days and cried all the time the Vet had to put her to sleep. It was a terrible loss for us. That night I got on the Internet and sent out several E-mail asking for a Puppy. Had several responses and one was from Jay. We got our Shayna about 1 1/2 weeks later. It may have just been faith, but Shayna is so special to us. Good luck I hope you find a puppy soon and I hope that puppy will be everything you have dreamed about. Best of Luck.

Marsha, I am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I thought Kelley would like a playmate and answered an ad in the newspaper. When we got there the woman had 104 dogs in pens and kennels in her backyard. We should have left immediately but everything looked clean and they all had fresh water and looked healthy.

We decided to look at the pup we had called about. He was in a cage all alone in the basement with florescent lighting, no sunlight or fresh air. There were other cages with females and their newborns in the basement too. We were told the mother had been stolen and his 2 sisters had been sold. The breeder said he was refusing to eat. We shouldn't have done it but my husband said he would die if we left him there.

He's 3 years old now. Our old vet treated him for cocci, ear mites, tonsilitus, blocked anal gland, et al. When we got tired of the constant visits and the bouts of blind staggers we changed vets. On his first visit he was diagnosed as having a liver shunt that didn't close at birth. His liver is also undersized and his heart is enlarged. He's on antibiotics for 7 days and off 12. He eats a low protein RX dog food in the morning and then is allowed to eat with the rest of the dogs for the remainder of the day.

We wouldn't trade him for anything but we know we will eventually lose him. To make matters worse he is the best looking of all our dogs (we have 4 now) and we can't possibly use him for breeding. Our vet doesn't think it's genetic but we can't take the chance of putting others thriugh what we and you have had to feel.Hope you get another puppy soon.
-Dottie Starr

Dear Marsha A., My heart is heavy with sadness for your loss. I remember when I had picked out my little boy, had talked to the breeder all about him and had seen pictures of him. The waiting was one of the hardest things. To have such a tragedy occur...I can only try to imagine what you might be feeling. I'm glad you decided to share your loss here among Maltese friends who can understand and comfort. I just found your web-site today, and you were on my mind already...I had wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you have done there, and how much well you express your love of the breed. I will include in my prayers Betty, who waits for her lost Maltese to come home, and Marsha A., whose lost Maltese has gone to a different home. I am so deeply sorry.
-Marsha O

Thank you for all the kind words. My friends do not understand, as you here do, the impact of losing a puppy that you didn't know except from pictures. Last night I cuddled up with my others in the bed with me (my husband decided to sleep in the guest room when he saw the full bed). I gained a lot of respect for the breeder in this case. The puppy was up and down for over a week, with him trying everything to save him. I offered to send him a deposit on the puppy to hold him, and he told me not to, as he wanted to be sure he was absolutely o.k. before he took any money. He kept me informed every day of the puppys progress, and took it very hard when he lost him. He is expecting another litter from the same stud soon and said that I can pick one from that litter if I wish.
-Marsha A.

I just read your post and I want to offer my sincere sympathy. A loss is a loss and just because you weren't able to bring the pup home to hold in your arms, I'm sure you had already held that pup in your heart many many times. I will be sad with you today too. Best Wishes,

Marsha A, my heart goes out to you also. I even shed a few tears for your lose as I know how speical pets can be. Even though you didn't have your little one at home yet, the waiting and anticapation make it very much like loosing an awaited child!!

Dear Marsha:I was so sorry to hear about your puppy. I have been showing and breeding for 10 years and I have on occasion lost a puppy. I had hoped that as the years passed, it would get easier but it never does.

What I can say is how awful it is when you try and nurse a weak puppy and it doesn't live. It is so painful to love, care and pray for a little one and then to lose it. I am sure that this past week has been an emotional roller coaster for you and to have it end this way is very sad.

Many people do not understand how we can love these precious maltese so deeply. They cannot relate to your loss as they have never experienced the love and devotion that these "Angels" return to us ten fold.

The fact that you are able to love something that you have never held in your arms speaks volunes for you and your character. Almost anyone can love an animal that has lived and shared a life with them; it is the exceptional person that is able to love something that has not yet returned their love. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
-Andrea NoŽl

Hi Marsha, I just read your post, I am so sorry about losing the fur baby. What a sad disapointment. I home that you will, some day find another Maltese puppy to love. I also read the post of the puppy with the liver shunt. I am also sorry for you and your puppy. This is genetic, don't belive different. When you buy a puppy, don't be afraid to ask questions. If the breeder says it isn't genetic, go to a different breeder, because that is basicaly saying, at least to me, yes, I have it in my Maltese.
-Carole - Fantasyland

Marsha: I just read the post (been away from my computer for a few days). I am so very sorry. I'm sitting here at work reading, fighting to hold back the tears. Andrea (above) said it more beautifully than I ever could. I know what you mean when you say that only your "maltese friends" here understand. It is a special bond we share because of this special love we give and receive tenfold. My love (and Snowball's too) goes out to you and your little ones. Take care and know that you can always come here for the compassion and understanding you deserve. Joanne

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