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Ongoing Skin Problem

by Cindy Sebastian

2 years ago, "Cosmo" came home from the groomer with a nick on his hind quarter. Subsequently, he began to obsessively lick and chew not only the sore area, but his hind paws as well. He's been tested for sarcoptic mange with negative results, treated with cortisone, anti-biotics and scraped to NO AVAIL. Yes, he's now wearing an Elizabethan collar and it helps, but it's 2 years now. When I bathed him this morning, I noticed little tiny flecks of grey. Could this be mites? Help please!


I tried looking up something that looks like gray flakes for you, but only came up with this: "...From a distance, lice may look like dandruff, but the flakes will be recognizable on a closer inspection. A dog with lice will itch and develop little red sores from the bites." I hope it isn't this, but just something you can at least rule out that it isn't.

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