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My pup is on the bottle!

by Marsha O & Jazz

Just a tip for a super (and inexpensive) toy. Try giving your Maltese an empty 2 litre plastic pop bottle to play with. I suggest taking the label off (they love to try to rip it off and chew on it), as well as the cap (for the same reason). It's too big for them to get in their mouths and chew up...I've always provided a few for puppies and they all have LOVED it. They will push, roll, chase and carry it for the longest time, and never seem to get bored with it. I leave several around the floor for Jazz. With all his chews and toys around, I just imagine how it looks when guests come over!


Hi Marsha- I have been there, done that and those bottles are bigger than my two little ones. My two just bark at it until I move it. Good suggestion though.

I just cleaned a bottle too and tried it on Pixie Bella. She seems kinda afraid of it. So I got on the floor with her and played with her down on all fours and started batting it around. She did go for it, but still a little aprehensive. Gives me something new to play with her today too. I'll keep working on it to show her how fun it will be! I never run out of pop bottles around here!

Great tip, Marsha! I will pass it on. These elegant little ones are pleased with the simple things of life! Mine also like a wash cloth tied in a knot. They have had many hours of enjoyment with "home made" toys! I wonder what else the inventive people who frequent this board use?
-Linda Coleman, Lin Lee Maltese

Linda, I know what you mean. One of Jazz's other favorites is his dish towel. Now if I could just teach him to dry the dishes with it! It seems that he likes the toys he "finds" better than the ones I give him. If anyone trying the pop bottle toy is not having luck with it, Jazz liked it way better when I just "accidently" left one one the floor for him to find. It took him a couple of days to decide to play with it, but once he started, he loves it best of all.
-Marsha O & Jazz

I keep all our Angels toys in a shoe box in a corner, that is when they aren't skattered all over the house! Angel loves to empty the shoe box then get in it and digs and plays for the longest time! Another favorite pass time is playing tug-a-war with an old sock that we have tied a not in.

On the subject of homemade toys, we had a long telephone cord that NiNi loved to play with so we decided to tie a toy at one end and the other onto the stairs. He loves to jump to catch the rabbit toy and chew on it. While he holds it down sometimes the toy would get loose and bounce right back up and there he goes trying to pounce on that toy. It's funny to watch him and it's one of his favorite toys.

Marsha, Pixie Bella is still kinda afraid of the bottle. I can't seem to get her to uderstand--this thing is great fun! Believe it or not, she likes to play in my daughter's Barbie Dream House. She looks so cute in there. (Barbie and the Land of the GIANTS!)

My Misha loves this! We discovered this a few months ago, I had left some empty 2 ltr. soda bottles by the door to be carried out to the recycle bin and she just went over and started playing with one. She chases it, rolls over it and even barks when it rolls away from her. She really goes nuts when I put two down for her! I also had to peel off the label because she wanted to chew on it. I definately recommend this!

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