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by Marsha A.

How common is hypoglycemia in Maltese ? I have never had the problem with mine, but have heard it is a real concern with Maltese puppies.


This is very common in young puppies. Since the Maltese is small, they don't eat much at a time. If they go too long without eating, or if their protein level in their food is not high, they will use up more blood sugar than they are taking in and you will have a puppy in this state. They outgrow this when they get to be of a certain size, depending on how big the puppy will be at maturity, usually 3-4 months of age. If the puppy is kept from over exertion and is eating at regular intervals and is not dehydrated, it usually does not occur. The problem is these puppies are so small, it doesn't take very long for them to become dehydrated, if this happens, they will not eat & so on and so on. Carole - Fantasyland
-Carole - Fantasyland

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