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Chases Tail

by Susan Fox

My 5 month old male, Jasper, keeps chasing his tail. Should I be worried about this behavior? I am not sure if it is just a puppy thing or if he is a neurotic dog. Does anyone else have this problem? What does it mean when he does it?


Hi, Not sure what it means, but Pepper (8 months) does this also. It seems like all of a sudden he notices this thing behind him & he tries with all his energy to catch & bite it. Eventually, it curls up over his back, out of his vision, and he forgets about it.

Jazz (8 months) likes to have a good go around with his tail now and again, too. I think it's really cute, and he's the most un-neurotic dog I've ever had. I can only imagine what he'd do if his tail was painted red! (see the messages about color blindness).
-Marsha O & Jazz

I think the tail chasing is a "discovery" issue. Lucy too did this for a while after she "noticed" that there was this white fluffy thing behind her, but alas, the cutie pie does it no longer, now that she's quite the young lady (18 mo.)
-cathy brown

My Clancy chases her tail, but usually only when she is asking to go outside. I ask her if she wants to go out and she will spin around and around after her tail. My Cloud never did this and when she does it he just looks at her as if she must be nuts. Always makes me laugh.

My Mika (almost 6 months) does it too. Every so often she sees that white thing behind her and goes crazy trying to get it. I think it is adorable. After a while she rolls her self over when she catches it and then forgets it until next time. I guess it's just another game. Jackie and Mika
-Jackie and Mika

KoKo chased her tail for a while and than it stopped. I can't remember for sure but I think it was after we got Shayna. 20/20 did a deal on dogs Friday night and they talked about Compulsive Disorder. One of the simptoms was possibly tail chasing. They were refering to continuious chasing. They also talked about the hunting instinct in the dogs could cause tail chasing. We all know our beautiful babies are doing it for all the right reasons. Now why would 20/20 try to upset us over a little tail chasing.

Hi, Susan I wouldn't worry about Jasper chasing his tail unless he does this for hours on end and cannot stop. Puppies love to play this way. I wouldn't worry if this is just something he does when he's happy or excited. My last dog used to chase his tail when he was about to eat or go for a walk.

I would like to thank everyone for helping to put me at ease. I feel much better knowing that this behavoir is not something serious. I am a new "Mom" and I tend to get upset when he starts to act differently.
-Susan Fox

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