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Booda Velvet Bones

by Shelley

Last week there was a discussion about this product and both my girls had been actively chewing one at the time. When I read about the vomiting, I noted that Shayna had vomited and up came an almost plastic type substance. Needless to say out went the Booda Bone. At 4:30 A.M. today (after 5 days of not having the bone) KoKo vomited the same substance. That stuff was in her all that time, poor baby. Shayna, about 1 1/2 hours later also vomited same stuff. I think while I was busy with KoKo Shayna ate some, because I know I did not clean up everything. "Not my idea of a snack, but she ate it." All week long I noted that their stools had the same stuff in it. Please if your dog has a Booda Velvet Bones get rid of it. I hope this has finally cleared their systems. It is unbelieveable how bad that stuff is. They show no signs of illness, just the ocassional vomiting in the early morning hours, and it always looks the same. Let me know if any of you have had the same experience with that BAD BOODA.


Dear Shelley, I also do not recommend Booda Bones for the same reasons you stated. There are so many other products on the market that are not in question. My maltese love raw carrots as one alternative.
-Linda Coleman, Lin Lee Maltese

Shelley, This is off topic, but I've noticed you live in FL, travel in a motor home and have two babies. All of the same is true for me. Would you E-Mail me. I've looked for your E-Mail address and can't find it. I'd be interested in discussing flea problems, motor home clubs in Florida, and of course, motor homing with our maltese babies. Anxiously awaiting your reply

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