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Food with Fat?

by Sandy in Michigan

My Maltese Girl Gidget is 11 months old. The vet instructed me about a month ago to get her off of puppy food. Since we give her treats sometimes of the human sort and some contain fat, we chose to go with Iams Lite. It said for less active dogs and although mine is quite active in the house, while I'm at work during the day she is not and doesn't run outside too often.

Lately, I have been reading about the need for fatty acids for their coats and skin and wonder if I am depriving her of that by going with the lite formula. Should I be supplementing her food and if I do is the supplement the same as fat found in the food? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Hi ! I have benn showing and breeding for over 10 years and have done a lot of research on canine nutrition. You are right to be concerned about putting your 11 month old puppy on a "lite" diet. Your little one is still growing and although at this age her organs are almost at their full adult size, she still requires adequate amounts of protein etc.. that are not contained in a "lite" diet. Taking her off puppy or growth food is fine, as these diets contain 25-28 % protein and at her age she does not require that much. Put her on a regular "adult" food. The "lite" diets are really for the older, obese dogs and not for a youngster like her. Feeding her "people" food containing high levels of fat is really not a good idea. Not only will they tend to upset her digestion but they may contribute to a weight problem in the months and years to come. Healthy, dog treats from our "menu", include MODEST portions of skinless boiled or broiled chicken or turkey or the occasional nibble of cheese. I hope this helps! Andrea

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