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by Kristen

I purchased Angel in January. She is six months old and has always had a problem with brown staining under her eyes from tears. I read somewhere that while a puppy is teething, the eustachian tubes can get swollen and clogged and increase tearing. Is this true? The staining doesn't bother me it's the eye drainage (i call them eye boogies) that go along with it that I have to clean everyday. Is there something that I could do to prevent or treat this. Is there a product that is not harmful to the puppy that will whiten the hair under the eyes. Any suggestions? Also , will this stop when she's done teething. One more question, when do puppies stop teething, does anyone know?


Our dog Buster had tear staining problems until he was about a year old. I used Crystal Eye almost daily to keep it under control. Now I only use a cotton ball, dampened with water to clean the "eye boogies" out. Maybe it does have something to do with teething.

I also apply cornstarch with a toothbrush under each eye. I use Crystal Eyes also. It works for my dog.

I also use Crystal Eyes on Macy. She is only 10 weeks old and it doesn't bother her a bit. It works well for us. There is also alot of information in regards to eye staining in the archives here. It is all very helpful. You might want to go through them. Almost everything you need to know about tearing and staining you will find there.

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