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Should I separate them?

by Rick Johnson

Hello, I have just bought 2 maltese about 1 year old, brother and sister. They have not been around people much, they seem figid. Someone told me that I should seperate them so they will not depend on each other and they will be close to me. Question is should I only have one? Can someone help me with a suggestion. should I seperate them, and not let them see each other? Thank you so much.


Hi Rick: I wouldn't separate them. I had been contemplating getting another Maltese (as a playmate) for Snowball but Snowball didn't react too well. I called the vet and asked her opinion and she said that Snowball is too old and too set in his ways to want a little puppy around (Snowball is 12 years old). She did suggest to me to let Snowball live out his life and if, in the future, I did want to get another one, to get two at the same time. She said they'd love each other, play with each other, and wear each other out on a daily basis. I think you're fortunate to have two of them and they're fortunate to have each other. Good luck!
-Joanne & Snowball

I have six maltese, and they love each other. They also love and play with my husband and myself. When I am away doing other things, they have each other. When I just had one, I took her with me, or worried about her being lonely when I was not at home. As far as getting along with other dogs. I just had a rescue maltese, 6 years old, that had never been around other dogs or children. He made himself right at home with my crew and played with my grandchildren for the time I had him. I have yet to see a maltese that didn't enjoy other pets and people, big or little. They are wonderful dogs.
-Marsha A.

Rick: As soon as we got KoKo we started talking about a second dog. It took us almost a year to decide that the second dog also HAD to be a Maltese. KoKo started out thinking she was Shayna's Mom and now they are playmates and love each other so much. They are 15 1/2 months apart. KoKo does everything for Shayna. When Shayna needs to go out KoKo tells me. KoKo lets me now Shayna's dish needs water, she always gives Shayna her toys. Its totally amazing how devoted KoKo is to Shayna. But when they play they really play hard. Sometimes Shayna crys out, but they usually handle it all by themselves until I say "no fight", if I'm tired of hearing it. What I'm trying to say is keep them both or down the road you will be sorry. I think if I would have waited until KoKo was 5 or 10 years old, it would not have worked as well.

I have two maltese, a father and his daughter. They are approximately 2 years apart in age, and they get along wonderfully. I know they entertain each other while we're gone at work all day. When we're at home, they play and play. They are truly best friends!! I would not separate your Maltese, they would be too lonely.

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