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Gooey Poop

by Connie

My one year old maltese has a consistant diet of Iams adult food. His feces is mostly hard and black, but sometimes it is coated by a slime (like snot). Any reasons why?


Hi Connie, I would certainly ask your vet about this. But maybe it could be from "treats" or something you mixed it with? Different water? Eating something outside? I use Nutro, but I have used IAMS before with no problems. If it were me, and it happened several times, I would ask my vet. Take care.
-Bel and the m & m & m girls

I would definitely have him checked by vet to make sure he doesn’t have anything working to cause the sticky poop.
-Carol A

I just read that 'mucus' in a dog's stool is a sign of an inflamed colon, either from whipworms or from an irritation to the colon, perhaps from poorly digested food. I would have the dog checked by your vet.

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