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Ear Hairs?

by Diana

Hello everyone!! Macy is almost 10 weeks now. Her hair is not long enough to need a haircut but I am concerned with her ear hairs. I am not really sure what their inside of the ears should look like, totally clean of hairs or just partially but Macys look as though they need to be plucked. I have tried to do it myself with no success. Even tried while she was zonked out. Do you take your puppy to a groomer just to get her ears taken care of or does the vet do that? I have heard of a product that you can use for this purpose, does it really work in removing the hairs without needing to pluck them? I really don't want to take her to a groomer this early. Just imagining how they intend to hold her contently while trying to do this really bothers me. She knows me and won't even let me get near them. Any advise?


Hi Diana and Macy, I am not a vet, but all three of my Maltese have a vet here in Illinois and one in Florida. They both will pull ear hairs so quick that I can't believe it!! However my breeder feels that the main thing is keeping the ears clean. So, I do this with OtiClens and cotton balls. I sure am not an expert on this, and probably most people do pull the hair. I tried it once on my older Maltese years ago, and said to myself, "That's enough of THAT stuff!" :O) Take care.
-Bel and the m & m & m girls

Hi Diana, The first time I took Chance to my groomers, they didn't cut her nails or pull her ear hair. The 2nd time they just did the bath and nails. Yeah! The third time she got the works! If you do it in stages she'll feel more comfortable at the groomers, and it will be easier when she older if you take her there as soon as she's properly vaccinated. I bath Chance at home now about every week or so, and she is so much easier to handle now that shes gotten used to it. And she loves the groomers, last time they even painted her nails (pink). We hit the groomers about one a month, just because they are able to do the things that I really don't want to do or don't have the equipment for.

In response to your question, my groomer is a good friend of my mother's and when I brought her there as a puppy that was one of the first things she did. It does not hurt because the hair in the ear doesn't have "roots" like the hair on their body therefore it does not hurt. I do angels ears before I clean them usually once a week or every other week. You can either use your fingers, or tweezers but be careful , you just want to get the outer part of the ear, not inside the canal. Good luck.

Hi Diana: Snowball started going to the groomer at 12 weeks old. He goes at least once a month and she does a fabulous job: ears, nails, derriere. I've watched her do the ears; she uses some kind of powder and her fingers and the hairs come right out. I think starting the professional grooming off early on was the best thing. I've used several groomers over the years (Snowball is 12) and they all say what a joy he is to do. I also bathe him once a week (including brushing his teeth); I bathe him right in my kitchen sink. The only thing he doesn't like is the water on his face. He loves the water on his back, being brushed and absolutely loves being blow dried. I feel it's because I started him off right away. They (Maltese) are a lot more resilient than they look. Good luck.
-Joanne & Snowball

Hi Diana: Both KoKo and Shayna do not like there ear hairs pulled. I had my vet do it the first few times and I now keep them pulled, but usually just do a little at a time. KoKo pulls her head even when I just pet her ears. But when I get serious she knows she has to put up with it for a short time. Shayna had all hers pulled last month when she was spay and so far it looks clean. I always clean their ears when I bathe them. Using a Cotton Ball and Bio-Groom Ear Cleaner. KoKo loves when I do that, but Shayna is just getting used to it. I read you should pull slowly not jerk the hairs and they come out without pain. I'm working on the technique. Good luck and be patient with your baby.

I am a new Maltese owner, we have only had our Angel for about two months now. I am concerned about keeping her ears clean. She does not like her ears bothered at all. I'm a bit nervous about pulling the hairs from her ears as I don't want to hurt her in any way. Yet I don't want to not do something that might lead to problems such as infection ect.. How do I pull the hairs, one by one with a tweezer or a few at a time with my fingers? What is less painful? How do I get her use to it when she doesn't hold still for me to even check her ears. Angel is about 8 months old now. I'd appreciate any help you could give me with this matter. Thanks!

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