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Chewing & Licking

by Carol A

I have a 2 yr old bitch that is always chewing something up or if you hold her she is lick lick licking. She has had one litter of pups and Miss T was a excellent Mom, but I had heard that once she had a litter she would calm down, not a chance. The calmest she ever was was the week before her delivery. Any suggestions will be welcome. She just chewed up the mortage payment that was sitting on a end table waiting to go out to the mail.


My maltese licks the air constantly when being held or sitting on our laps. I have heard that this is a sign that your maltese is very happy! The licking drives me crazy, but at least she is happy.

If that's the case, Patrick, my Snowball must be the happiest little dog on the planet. Glad to know my dog is not the only one licking the air! He amazes me; his tongue never stops!!
-Joanne & Snowball

So all the licking is suppose to mean she is a happy girl. Wish she would lick the air and not me all the time, ode of bitter apple is about the only thing that stops her, but alas it is not my favorite perfum.
-Carol A

I my Maltese would lick the air. Instead, she is constantly licking furnature. On every chair or couch or bed she has recently been on, there is a wet puddle. My family would love an explanation to this peculiar behavior. We appreciate any suggestions - we're tired of sitting on wet couches!

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