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Booda bones

by Kim

Does anyone know if Booda bones are good for your Maltese dog?


Kim, I have tried booda bones and had no problems. I do find however that some dogs don't bother with them and others like them alot. If anyone has had any trouble with I would also like to know.

I got Pixie Bella a cornstarch Booda Bone. She loved it--I can't find it though. Do they take certain toys and hide them I wonder?

The Booda Velvet Petite bones are great; all my Maltese LOVE them all (they come in three flavors). The Booda Velvets are consumable, and my Maltese chew them down to nothing. The Booda Velvets do not stain the coat at all, so you can give them to show dogs and pets alike. My Maltese bury their bones under pillows, blankets, bedspreads, etc., so you may find it in an unexpected place when cleaning. Another great treat (and good for teeth) are the Petite Chicken and Cheese Chooz Nylabone. These too are consumable--I buy them from RC Steele in bulk and give them to puppies to teethe on--and adults are nuts over them. You can nuke them in the microwave and they become biscuit-like, or just give them as they come. I like both the Velvets and the Chooz about equally and my Maltese LOVE them. An added bonus, no diarrhea or vomiting; seems to be very palatable.

My Maltese "Baby" loves the booda bones. In fact, this is the only thing she can have because of her bladder condition. The vet ok"s it because doesn't change her PH and passes right through her. We do cut it in half, if she has too much at once, she does get a loose stool.

I have never heard of the Booda Bones? What are they? I have a 4 month old teacup maltese and the thing she absolutely loves is Pig Ears!!! Has anyone tried them with their dogs? Do they like them? Any info on these?

Booda Bones are bad, I got some for my Yorkies and Maltese. My littlest Yorkie got sick,vomiting and loose poop. I took her to the vet along with the Booda Bones. The first thing he asked my was I giving her any thing new to eat.I gave him the Boodas. He said no wonder she is sick and proceded to throw them in the trash. Gave her a shot and said mo more Booda Bones. I now stick to Milk Bones and for treats Puperoni sticks.

Both my girls love Pigs ears. KoKo has had a Booda bone in her toy basket for a long time and did not bother with it until Shayna pulled it out one day. Shayna got sick on it. I'm going to stick to Pigs ears and Hooves, they also like Chew sticks and bones.

Both my maltese are NUTS for pigs ears. And talk about the old adage about the grass always being greener!! Each of my babies always wants the pig's ear that the other one has. Then when they manage a swap, they want to go back; and on it goes. I've never heard of Booda bones. Where do you get them?

I tried a Booda Velvet with my Maltese. It gave him loose runny stool filled with yellow bone bits. These bones do not agree with him. I highly recommend, however, the Nylabone Chick'n'Cheez Chews. I also buy them in bulk from R.C. Steele. Touquet loves them, and chews on one happily every night at bed time.

Ellie, Most pet stores carry Booda Bones.

Ellie, My two, Cloud and Clancy, participate in that same "grass is greener" activity. It will go on for ages between the two of them. Wonderful entertainment, but then just about everything my darlings do gives me a smile or a chuckle.

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