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lemon stains

by Terry Powell

I need some advise on how to get those tanish lemon stains off of my Maltese's coat. Its especially noticable around the edges.


Maybe you can try to bleach her hair, if you don't think thats right, then try some different shampoos in the market.

Is there anything that I can do to clean tearing stain? My Maltese is 5 years old.

Lou, there are several things you can TRY for eye stain. Delta Ablaplex from your vet for 14 days will clean up any Low-grade eye infection causing the staining. Get a small cat/flea type comb and clean solid materials out of corners of eyes twice a day. Make a solution of 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 Milk of Magnesia, thicken to a paste with corn starch and brush under eyes and let harden. Break it apart with your fingers each day, then comb and reapply. This mixture will lighten the stain already there, but you must eliminate the cause (infection, allergies, etc.) to stop. The only other recourse is to bleach it out, and unless you are expert at it, you run the risk of blinding your dog--so I wouldn't even consider that. The stain isn't pretty, but unless you are showing your dog and the vet says there's no underlying cause for the staining, I'd just live with it--still cleaning the eyes daily. By the way, washing the eyes with human saline solution cleans and soothes the eyes very well (and is more economical that dog/cat solutions. I have one dog that comes to me and rubs a paw over her eyes to tell me she wants solution put in them.
-Linda 2

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