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Still vomiting! Help

by Sally

A week or so ago I posted a message about my baby, Chance, who was vomiting alot. The responses seemed to lean towards an upset tummy. I took her to the vet and he agreed. She is now on a diet of cottage cheese and wet food, spiked with 25mg. of TagamentHP. It seems to have helped but she still vomits like every other day or so. The vet checked her intestines and sayed he felt no forgien matter and she was not at all sensitive there. No fever,no other symtoms. I'm wondering now if I should have her tested for food allergies?? Or am I just a nervous mom, is it fairly common for them to throw up.?? I still catch her chewing on stuff off the floor. Can they be that sensitive to tiny bits of stuff. Thank you in advance for your input. Sally & Chance


Something isn't right for your Maltese to be getting sick like that. It is not common at all. It very well could be her diet. Possibly an allergy. I would have tests done if it were me. Eating foreign matter off the floor can't help either. I don't know whats shes eating there but you need to look into it. That isn't good.

Several of my Maltese cannot eat table scraps, canned dog food, etc. I keep them on a quality dog food--Iams or Eukanuba depending on age and food requirements--and I feed them their food DRY. They get about a tablespoon each of chopped up Rollover (a commercial dog food product from Canada) and all of them seem to handle that okay. I cannot just switch foods around on them, but they do well on the various Iams/Eukanuba dry products, including bones.

Try adding acidopolis to her food. It is the culture of yogart.
-carol a

If pup is still vomiting I give 1cc of emtrol it's used for children when they vomit it has always worked for me it helped Rainy also and we have here now on lamb and rice.

Oh that poor baby!! I also feed Travis & Harlee Dee Lamb & Rice dry food, and they really like it. Acidophilus, for humans, reestablishes and reinforces intestinal flora; I would double check with your vet first before adding any human vitamin,medicine,etc. to his diet. I have consulted by vet in the past re: Pepto Bismol( my 2 both had belly aches) and he prescribed the correct dosage and they were fine. Does Chance eat a lot of grass? That always makes Harlee Dee & Travis vomit. There could be so many things causing this condition it's almost impossible for me to pin point. I still can't understand why Harlee and Travis vomit on occasion!!?? Keep us updated.
-Karen Kalamaras

Karen, mentioning grass, I read somewhere that it was said that dogs eat grass because their tummy's are upset, but it said that wasn't true. The grass in itself isn't bad, but what is on the grass could cause problems, i.e. often the blades are loaded with parasite ova. Nobody knows why dogs eat the grass, except the dogs. It's hard to say if they eat grass to make themselves throw up, or if they throw up because of the grass they eat. They seem to like the consistency of it. Anyway, eating grass isn't good for dogs--easier said than done. It would cost a fortune to spray your whole backyard with 'bitter apple'--now wouldn't it! [LOL]

Sally my maltese is 15 months old and he also vomits alot. He picks up everyting off the floor no matter how big or small. He has eaten a small piece of paper off the floor,go figure not very smart.but we love him anyway!

Hello fellow Maltese friends! We just thought we would drop you a line to let you know that Chance is finally back to her old self. We also want to thank you for all of your support and responses. I think I kind of figured out what was going on with her when I caught her on top of the coffee table(PIGGING OUT!) and again on my nightstand polishing off mommy's coffee!!! No wonder she has had a upset tummy!! Yesterday and today have been filled with barking, jumping, and chasing the cat again. I think it's the most beautiful sight in the world!! I even let her chew on my ankle a bit this morning I am so thrilled that she's hyper again. Thanks for everything you guy--we love this sight and all you Maltese parents. Sally and Chance.
-Sally (update)

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