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Yorkie or Maltese

by Sam

Hi I can't decide between a Yorkie, and a Maltese. I have talked many hours with breeders of both, and they say Yorkies are Good and Maltese are good too. They say that Yorkies are more smart, and more adaptable, and they say maltese are more yappy, and hard to take care of. I also heard that Maltese coats are very hard to take care of. Please help me decide. I like both breeds but don't know what to choose. THis will be a family dog, with another dig around. I want a sweet,lively,energetic, but quiet dog yhat is easy to train and take care of. Thank You


Pepper (Maltese) is my first dog so I've had no experience other than him. He took about a month to train using the crate. He has never barked since we have him (5 month). Is very loving and affectionate. Greets all visitors to the house in the same way i.e.hugs & kisses. I have two small children ages 2 1/2 & 5 1/2. He is very gentle with them and follows them everywhere.

Hi Sam! My experience with Yorkies and maltese is just the opposite. I have been showing and breeding maltese for 10 years and I have a good friend who has been breeding and showing Yorkies for even longer. I have on many occasions looked after her yorkies and even whelped and raised her litters. Yorkies are "terriers" and let me assure you that they bark A LOT more than maltese. All terriers are barkers and so it is in their make-up to sound the alarm.

In my experience, Yorkies are more aggressive and assertive than maltese. When I mean "aggresive", I am not implying vicious, they are just more bold and confident. As for intelligence, I have found both breeds to be very smart and quick to learn.

I think you are correct that the Yorkie coat is easier to maintain than a Maltese coat. The maltese coat is softer and does tend to mat more quickly than the Yorkie coat.

The above is my experience, I hope it helps. Andrea P.S. I will preface this by stating at the outset that I am NOT objective about what follows: if I were you, I'D CHOOSE THE MALTESE!

Maltese dogs are the best companions around. I have two: Cloud and Clancy. I have never owned a Yorkie, although I have known a few. Both breeds are fun and sweet. But to my mind there is no animal as affectionate, intelligent, and beautiful as a Maltese. Both of mine have adapted very well to my lifestyle. They trained relatively easily, and I'm sure they would say the same thing about me. None of the Maltese dogs I have ever met could be considered yappy (though I'm sure there are some out there). But I have seen yappy tendencies in the Yorkies I have known. As far as the grooming question, certainly it is difficult to maintain the luxurious coat that Maltese dogs have, but if your dog is to be a pet and family dog it would probably be easier for you to keep your Maltese with a shorter cut. I do this with both of mine and they still require daily brushing, but it is not a difficult process. Good luck with your decision.

My neighbor has two yorkies that yap all day long. One has very thin stringy hair and the other is just O.K. I really thought I wanted one before I got my Maltese. There is so much difference I can't believe it! Maltese are so consistant in temperment, looks and loyality. I think they are the very best. You won't be sorry!

Definitely go with the Maltese! I have had Gizmo for 2 1/2 years and don't know what I would do without him. He loves people and living in Manhattan, where you run into 15-20 dogs on every walk, he is fearless and is very sociable w/other dogs. Though they are high maintenance when it comes to grooming, unless you are planning to show your dog, keeping him in the "puppy cut" will not only make your grooming easier, but save you money on professional grooming. gizmo is not a yapper at all - the only time he really barks is if he's playing or when the doorbell rings (maltese are very protective of their owners!)

Overall, the best characteristic about maltese is their loyalty. There is nothing better than curling up on your couch and your little Maltese curling up in your lap!!!
-Patty Byrne

I too am probably not 100% objective when it comes to maltese, but my sister-in-law has a Yorkie and although her hair it easier to maintain if she isnít bathed on a much more frequent basis than my 3 Maltese not only does she look stringy she has a definite doggy odor. That smell is something you do not get with a Maltese. Also a Yorkie is definitely a terrier.
-Carol A

I have 2 maltese. They will warn me when someone is nearing our property but otherwise are NOT yappy. All the Yorkies I've known (at least 5) were very yappy. My observation has also been that Yorkies are much more high strung. Maltese, on the other hand, will be as playful as you want when you want them to play; but, when you're ready to have them quiet down, all I have to do is sit them on my lap for a minute and be calm with them, and they in turn will calm down. I watched a friend of mine try to calm her Yorkie for over an hour one day and couldn't get it quieted. I've also noted the same thing as regards the odor of the coat. As long as my Maltese are bathed regularly, they just don't have an offensive odor whereas the Yorkies of my experience can get quite odiferous; but it's not just a "wet dog" smell, it's often quite unpleasant. Several Yorkies I've known were so high strung that they were put on tranquilizers. I've never known of a Maltese who wouldn't play; but I've never known one so high strung that they required tranquilizers either. Realize that all of this is just from my personal experience. I studied the same two breeds before I chose Maltese and have never been sorry.

The maltese is the best choice by far! They keep their lovely "puppy" dispositions, and the clown like behavior well into old age. The temperaments are wonderful, and they are not selfish with their love....there is enough "love" to be shared by all members of the family and more!
-Linda Coleman, Lin Lee Maltese

I don't really know much about yorkies, but when i finally moved into an apt. that allowed dogs, I went immediately for a maltese (I had one growing up) they are smart & sweet & loving & did i say smart...my sweet dolly never barks, she was taught "no bark" at the breeders where she was raised until i adopted her at 3 1/2. The only time she will bark (and it's a bark, not a yap) is when I come home & she hears me (she's crated when I'm gone) and she's so excited to hear me & want to get out to fly around the apt & play.

As for grooming, I trim her myself, and brush her every day or every other day. I usually do it right before bed so it's a relaxing activity for both of us. I bathe her about every 2-3 weeks. She's the joy in my life & I wouldn't want any other kind of dog!!!!!!

I had a Yorkie, and now I have a Maltese. I think the Maltese wins. In all fairness, I got the Yorkie when she was 5 years old, and had basically been a kennel dog. She had been shown, and won all here ribbons etc. but was so small - she just couldn't produce puppies, so the breeder sold her to me. She was kind of nervous, and did bark a lot. She was very loyal to me - no one dared get within 3 ft. of me, or they had her to deal with. Now I have Casper the maltese. We got him at 8 weeks. He's lovable, engergetic and just a little rascal - in a good way. He's just over a year old now - and I would definately choose a Maltese over a Yorkie.

I have a yorkie/maltese mix, her mother is maltese and her father is yorkie. She is the most beautiful dog, everyone calls her gizmo (from the movie Gremlins) since here ears stand straight up and are large with long hair. She is a very good dog that doesn't yap and doesn't have that anxious behaivor. Her name is Trixie and she is perfect!

I have both a Yorkie and a Maltese. The Yorkie is a small but sturdy guy, with a lovely, easy-to-groom coat, and a definate big-dog attitude. He barks at everything, is afraid of nothing, and has to keep track of everything going on in the neighborhood from his perch on the back of the couch. I agree that after a week or so, he begins to smell a tad raunchy, so he requires frequent baths. He is friendly and good with children, but the yapping can be tiresome. Now, the Maltese has nice long hair too, but she requires daily grooming and weekly baths. Skipping even a day or two causes terrible matting. Her personality is much sweeter, and she seldom barks, even when the Yorkie is going ballistic. They were both easy to house train, but the Yorkie is smarter. The Maltese is sort of a stereotypical platinum blonde. We adore them both, and wouldn't change them for the world. If you don't have lots of leisure time, I'd go for the Yorkie.

Thank You all for your opinions. I have decided on a Maltese. Sorry if I offended anyone who likes Yorkies but I am going with the Maltese. THANK YOU EVERYONE

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