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by Jennifer

I am thinking of getting a microchip implanted into my Maltese. Any opinions?


Jennifer, I too have discussed this with my Vet and husband. I have 2 Maltese so it doubles the expense. I understand you have to pay $12.50 annually to have them registered. We travel throughout the US and am going to Canada this summer and it seemed like a good idea. My husband and Vet said "it only works if the dog is brought into a particapating Vet and they scan the dog. They only scan if they suspect its not the owner. Let me know if you have it done. I was told it is not painful to the dogs, just a like a shot.

I have read a number of articles on this recently that warn that there is a danger of these chip migrating to other parts of the body. I have decided to continue tattoing my puppies for the time being, pending more research into the long term consequences of identifing dogs by this method.

I don't really don't know anything about this, but how high is the risk of infection,if any, with this procedure? I would have a problem with implanting ANYTHING into my dogs. How safe is it?
-Karen Kalamaras

Microchipping is safe, permanent, and not that expensive. It only cost $12.50 to register the dog initially. You do not have to pay $12.50 annually. I have microcipped three of my Maltese and have made an appointment to microchip three more puppies. I do recommend waiting until the puppies are 4-5 months old, simply because they are bigger, not because it isn't safe.My vet charges $30 per dog, so the total cost is $42.50.

The cost is not an issue (it costs $55 in Sydney, Australia) . It is just that I don't like the thought of implanting anything into the body which may harm her eg if she has a reaction, it migrates etc. However if she ever got taken to the pound or to a vet as a lost dog (this is unlikely but you never know) they automatically check for a microchip - it seems to be fairly standard here. Also if she was stolen, I would have no problems claiming her as mine. So I am very undecided and I appreciate your help!

I had my Maltese micro-chipped one and a half years ago. It was virtually painless for him and to date he has had no negative reactions. It feels like a grain of rice under his skin. I can check on a regular basis to ensure that it is still in place by patting or grooming him. I leave him with his grandmother in another town when I take vacations, and definitely sleep better knowing that he is easily identifiable if he gets lost. He also wears a collar with his name and telephone number embroidered on it.

There were some problems with migration early-on, but the manufacturers have overcome those according to my vet. He said even if it did migrate, it would be like a little cyst, nothing to worry about. Being able to ID your dog, whatever the reason, is the most important reason I see for microchipping. I show my Maltese myself, and they are also my pets and bed dogs. I have an escape artist who climbed over the patio fence,then squeezed thru the back fence backing on the golf course. Did she have fun bounding over the greens. I did get her back, and I took her in and had her microchipped the next day. I got to thinking that that would be the only way I could prove ownership. We all know how cute Maltese puppies are--I was almost physically ill when I realized how close I might have come to losing her. The microchip is the best way I feel.

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