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Crateing and Crying?

by Diana

Hello everyone. Macy has been with us for 12 nights now. We crate her in the daytime when we have to run and errand where she cannot come. (Which is very seldom), and we crate her at night. When she naps during the day, its usually on my bed or on the coach. My question is does anyone know how long a pup will cry at night until she is adjusted. Macy definately is better than she was the first couple of nights but she still crys for about 10-15 min. when I put her in. I heard a story from a lady whos maltese had panic attacks in its crate so she said she never could crate hers. Could this be happening to Macy or is this normal behavior. Just concerned since it has been almost 2 weeks now. Originally , we put the crate in the living room for about a week then we moved in our bedroom thinking she would feel more secure with us in there. so far it hasn't made a difference. Any Advice?!


When Harlee Dee and Travis were babies, I them by the side of my bed and I would sleep with my arm hanging down on the side so they knew I was there; I know it sound really silly but it did work....Give her/him a hug and kiss nite-nite from Harlee & Travis.
-Karen Kalamaras

My little sweet Sarah could bring the house down when crated at night. I started playing with her for awhile before bedtime. We chased her through the house, played with her toys, and just wore her out. We would then put her favorite hug toy, a bunny with her in the crate and she would fall to sleep. I think some of them just have different play schedules than others, and are not ready for bed when we are.
-Marsha A.

This one may sound really silly, too, but it worked for me. When I first got Jazz, I would put him in his sherpa carrier at night and put it ON the bed with me. He was very content with that, and didn't cry at all. Now that he's "grown up" enough to go through the night without going potty, he just sleeps on the bed, which he likes even better. Actually, so do I.
-Marsha O & Jazz

I love that sherpa carrier idea. I wish someone had suggested that to me years ago. I used to keep Cloud's cage in my room at night (because I wanted him close). He did really well with it, until I got inconsistent about it. I weakened long before he did and took him in the bed with me. He has never had an accident at night. He's also perfectly behaved when I'm sleeping. He loves to bark at outside noises during the day, but he knows what is quiet time and what isn't. If he wants my attention at night he lets out these quiet little "whisper woofs" until he finally gently rouses me. Another friend who has a Maltese keeps hers crated in the kitchen at night, and he usually does cry for several minutes right after he goes in. I think with him it is that he just isn't ready to quit playing for the night. Tiring him out before bedtime would probably be a good idea.

When I bought Deniro home I kept in a medium size crate with his bed inside. At night I put him in and would take an afghan and cover half the create. I keep him in the kitchen and found that the microwave time light is good for a night light. He is now a year old and I keep him in an excercise pen with his bed, food, water, toys and a boot tray with paper on it all day, and at night I pull the pen together and place a towel along one side with his bed against it, Oh, bedtime is at 9:00 PM. Of course he has the run of the house and of me when I'm home! Good Luck!

When we first brought Pixie Bella home, I kept the hall light on for awhile. This lady I know told me that her Akita took a whole month before she settled down! So I guess it depends on the dog, but I think because you got your little so young she probably has become very attached to you. I've read that sometimes when a dog is brought home really young, they do become very dependant on their owners. Be patient for a little while more. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Don't give in--she'll have to fall asleep sometime. Not until I put my dog's bed to the very front of the crate and blocked off the rest of it bottom to ceiling, with her water bottle in front so she could drink, did she settle down. She must feel more secure, not so overwhelmed by all that empty space. She only sleeps in there at night.

The key is be consistent. My Noah cried every night for a week. Now he goes right to sleep. Never once did I come to see him in the night while he was crying. By doing this he learned that his crying did not accomplish anything and that I always let him out in the morning.
-April Blackmon

When my first Maltese died at 12 years of age, I went to the Pet store for Pumpkin (the puppy from hell) He escaped every place I tried to confine him to. I too slept with my finger in his crate at night . If my finger was not there he would carry on enough to scare me into thinking something would happen to him if I didn't give in. He cried every night until he no longer sounded like a dog..(neighbors thought I had a bird) we have adapted and compromised over the years (he was 5 years old on May 18.) but he still is a challenge. He does not travel well in the car, He seems to know what is important to me (bills, Maltese magazine, etc.) and will get it off the table if I am not paying attention to him. remember the excuse we told our teachers? (my dog ate my homework!)

I got involved in showing a few years ago. Got the sweetest female from a reputable breeder and I have 2 of her off spring. They are much different from Pumpkin. The others are very calm, travel well, are obedient, never get into trouble. Friends and family (who do not know about conformation ) say that they like Pumpkin the best . He has personality, they say! I love them all. But I think Pumpkin loves me more ! I am fortunate that I did not get a sick dog from the Pet store. He was taken from his Mother much too young, Who knows what he went through on his way to the Pet store that has caused a lasting effect .

Yikes, there's no doubt who is king in my house: Snowball. He has slept in bed with me every night since I got him (almost 12 years ago). He actually sleeps under the covers and sometimes rests his head on the pillow next to me. Snowball is my first and only dog so I had no idea about anything like crateing. He started crying when I put him in his bed that very first night. I felt so awful (and knew I was never going to get any sleep), so I picked him up, put him in bed with me, and the rest is history.
-Joanne & Snowball

Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for advise. That was on 5-14-97. I am happy to report that Macy now contently and QUIETLY goes in her crate and goes right to sleep at night. Quess I just needed to give her a little more time. Every puppy IS different. Im also glad we stuck with it and didn't give in. She has in the past 2 days retrieted to her crate for a short nap during the day. We are very proud of her.

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