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Flea Info?

by Lydia/Pepper

Hi,I had the exterminator here for a routine visit & questioned him re: flea products etc. He said they carry a flea product called "PetCore" which is very effective. He said it is applied to the dog and one application last for several weeks. He said they have had very good results with it. It is designed to kill fleas as well as control any reproduction. Has anyone ever used it?


I've never used Flea Core, but I have a 4 month old teacup maltese. When we brought her home, she had fleas. I have two indoor declawed cats and never had a flea problem. Now, needless to say my three pets have fleas. Anyway our little puppy will be starting the "Program" which we received from our vet last week. My cats have an appointment this week and I will get this "Program" for them too. It's a pill they take once a month and what it does is kill the eggs the fleas hatch. I have to eradicate the fleas (which I do a spray treatment to my cats, however, the puppy is too little to do this to) so she gets a flea treatment at the groomers (which is a place that uses no chemicals whatsoever). I have flea traps in each room which are made by raid and do not contain chemicals. The fleas are supposedly attracted to the light (they plug in) and they have a glue tray that the fleas get stuck to. I haven't seen a flea yet and I have them down for two weeks now. Once the cats get their "Program" I will give the cats and puppy the pills together and hopefully get rid of the fleas once and for all. Does anyone else have any suggestions, because I am going crazy. I hate to see these fleas on my little puppy and my poor cats are going crazy!!!

I've heard that the topical lotion 'Frontline' (is that what it is called?) you put between the dogs shoulder blades works very well. Even stays on if they get a bath. I've been lucky. No fleas yet. I'll start out with the 'Frontline' to try first if I ever see any fleas.

I've not had a flea in 10 years and have used nothing but Borax in my carpets. The occasional flea that jumps on my 2 little ones doesn't have a chance of reproducing in the house because the borax prevents the eggs from hatching. It can be bought in the area of laundry additives in the grocery store for about $2.00 or so a box. I would spread it quite liberally on all carpets, then sweep it in. Later vacuum up any excess. The powder will get down into carpet fibers and work invisibly. There is nothing toxic in borax; babies can crawl safely as can your dogs. I re-sprinkle a bit about every 4-6 mos. I also put some on the favorite chairs, their little beds and favorite resting spots. I live in Florida where fleas just have a field day and it's NEVER cold enough to kill them off; yet, with Borax, I've never had a problem. Good luck.

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