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DDAL Suit against USDA

by Rebecca

Perhaps there is hope in closing down puppy mills. I have come across some information on a law suit by the Doris Day Animal League (DDAL) against the USDA, which is charged with inforcing the Animal Welfare Act. The USDA is responsible for licensing commercial breeders and enforcing standards and can shut them down. From what I know the suit charges that the USDA has been negligent in its duties.

On March 25, 1997, a court ruled in favor of DDAL, against the USDA and the USDA has agreed to open a rulemaking to improve licensing and enforce the law. Does anyone know more on this? I just found out about it today and have not had the time to do a lot more research.

There is a good site- New Legislation in Pa which lists some of the new legislation in Pennsylvania, -- don't know if you know this site, Jay, -- and gives links to the announcement on the DDAL suit and other legislation. Might want to check it out to see how you can help if you live in PA.

While I don't live in PA now, my Amanda is a PA native, as am I, and my mother still lives there, so I am passing it onto her. The site has info as to calling your legislator on new legislation. That is the way to start to put an end to these irresponsible, unscrupulous people who breed too much -- indiscriminately without regard to these sweet little "kids", genetics, or animal life in general.


The DDAL petiton will include show breeders and hobbiest. Show breeders are subject to inspection at anytime without notice, as well by the prospective buyers, this petition will take away from the time needed to inspect puppymills where the pet stores buy theirs Please check website
-pauline bowen

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