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Knee Troubles

by Ron

Our 9 year old, has a pattelar luxation which the vet wants to operate on. We are just looking for advice from a few people who's dogs have had this surgery and how it went.


I believe this may be the same problem that my beloved 12-year old Snowball was diagnosed with last week. The vet described it as the knee slipping out of place. Also, when this happened (usually associated with jumping off a couch or chair), Snowball tore a ligament as well. The vet told me to give him 1/4 of a buffered aspirin two times a day for a few weeks. Also no walking, running, jumping; keep confined to small area, for six to eight weeks. Vet said this is common in older, small dogs and (at least in Snowball's case), could improve on its own. If not, surgery would be required (estimated cost $650-$800). I have not spoken directly with the surgeon yet so, unfortunately, I do not know any details. It has been a little over a week since Snowball's diagnosis, and unfortunately, I do not see too much improvement. Today, May 15 is Snowball's 12th birthday and I love him more than life. Good luck with your baby.

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