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Sick puppy

by Bobby Binder

My Maltese is 5 months old, she was very healthy, ate all the time, ran, played etc.... until just recently she is very weak in her hind legs, they give out on her, eats irregularly, sleeps most of the day. I took her to an ortho specialtist and they did a complete series of x-rays and said they can't find any problems.

I was hoping that you might know of something that might be causing these symptoms, maybe a virus of something. I would appreciate any help you can give me on getting my puppy well again.


I took Dee Dee to a Nuero specialtist and they did a spinal tap and a Milogram. The milogram came back normal, the spinal fluid tests show her white blood cell count at 132, which the doctor tells me that her body is trying to fight off something. He won't know more until he gets more of the lab results back tomarrow morning. I am praying that it is something that can be taken care of medically. I was suppose to pick her up tonight but the doctor changed that because there is a chance she might go into siezure.

The breeder that I bought her from is playing dumb, I love Dee Dee with all my heart and will do anything to get her healthy again. My question is this it seems that her problems are due to breeding, should I make any demands from the breeder or should I report her to the AKC? What would you do. Thanks for your concern and advice, Bobby
-Bobbie Binder

It sounds like your puppy might have a bacterial infection. The lab results will tell you how advanced the infection is, but puppies, like children can get infections and get very sick very quick, and also like children the can get well and be romping just as quickly. My prayers are with you on this, I am sure, sleepless night.
-Marsha A.

Bobby, I have taken Travis to a Neurologist in the past, and they also did a spinal tap(he had Shaking Puppy Syndrome) and thank God Travis was treated and is OK now. Did they do any blood work? A friend of mine had a Maltese that was diagnosed with Encephalitis and had seizures, have they checked for that? PLEASE let me know the results as soon as you find out what the HECK this is. I pray to God that it's not serious. Dee Dee is in our prayers..XXOOXXOO.
-Karen Kalamaras about a update on your puppy? Hope all is well.

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