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Is he dreaming??

by Lydia/Pepper

Hi, Pepper sleeps in his crate during the night, but during the day will sleep on the couch etc. Anyway, I noticed that while he is sleeping he makes this strange sound almost a cross between a yelp and a very soft bark. If I go to check on him, I find him sound asleep. Is he dreaming? or is this something more serious?


Lydia, Sounds like a puppy dream to me. Lucy also does this when she's asleep and she sometimes twitches and "runs" too. Just about every dog I've ever had has done this, so I think is just "normal" doggie behavior.
-cathy brown

From what I've seen Cathy is right, both my Maltese do this sometimes, and the dogs I had growing up also did. I understand your concern though. Sometimes when Cloud and Clancy do this it sounds as if they are in pain or scared. I worry that they are having a "nightmare" so I often pull them close for a cuddle. Usually this stops the wimpers, but doesn't wake them. As long as this is only happening when they are asleep it sounds normal to me.

YUP! Sure must be normal!! Harlee Dee does this also. So I softly pet her, as her eyelids twitch, and then she stops. I agree that it seems as if they're having nightmares. Poor babies. I just reassure her that Mommy is there and she's fine.
-Karen Kalamaras

I remember when Pixie Bella first did this shortly after we brought her home. She was in her crate in the night, and my husband says, "What's she doing? Is she o.k.?". I said, "Looks like a doggie dream." She was whimpering in her sleep. Poor thing was probably dreaming about missing her real mommy and brothers and sisters, still trying to figure out what happened. Anyway, she is very happy with her new mommy and daddy and even has a new brother and sister to call her own.

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