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Delicate digestive system

by Claudia & Lady

Is the Maltese known to have a delicate digestive system. I adopted a Maltese and its chosen life mate a Chiuahua mix from a local dog pound. They were living in a hole in the ground at a water treatment plant. Both dogs are estimated to be 1 1/2 years old approx. The female (Maltese) seems to constantly get diariaha whenever she eats anything other than the lamb & rice dog food.

I don't understand this. Any dog I ever owned was able to have a few dog biscuits or some leftover meat with no problem. She was treated by the vet and only has this problem when the diet is changed. Is this common for the breed? In the past I had Lhasa Apso's. They never had this problem. Also the (Male) never gets sick from anything. Please advise. Thank you.


It seems that some dogs get the 'runs' when their diet is changed. I was told to slowly introduce the new food and keep some of the old food in with it and gradually decrease the amount every so many days. Lamb and rice is supposed to digest easily and for those dogs who have allergies to certain other foods. If the dog is doing well on lamb and rice and seems to be healthy, has a shiny coat, etc., I'd keep on the lamb and rice. I had to change from lamb and rice to chicken, lamb, rice little bites because my dog didn't like the lamb and rice. Now she eats great. She had a little bit of loose stools when I started her on the new stuff, but is o.k. with it now. Hope this helps.

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