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Please Help Crate Training

by Nick

I just got a puppy, and I don't know how to crate train. I read about on the Maltese Only on how to crate train, but I don't understand that well. Can someone please help me, and tell me specifically, and understandable. PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!


When I first brought my puppy home I used the crate and I still use the crate. It takes patience. Not until I got the pup a bed and displayed only the bed in the crate did I see some results. I asked my vet what to do. Step by step: 1. Get a bed, 2. Shove the bed to the front of the crate, 3. Use the box the crate came in to put a wall bottom to top and back from the sides a bit, 4. Put the water bottle where the pup can drink from it, 5. Be patient! It make take a few days, a week or a month, but the pup will cry. Some people put the crate in their bedroom so the pup doesn't feel all alone. Soon the pup will not like to go to the bathroom in there. You didn't mention what your situation is during the day: 1. Will the pup need to eat in there too or are you just using it as a means of protection when you can't watch the dog and when it sleeps at night? It's hard to listen to the pup cry, but do not take it out. Soon as you get the pup out take it to the bathroom and start your routine. I could go on but if you have any specific questions feel free to email me. I know this worked for me. Now my dog goes in there at night and when I absolutely cannot watch her. It's safer for the both of us.

Another solution to the potty situation is paper training--not something you'd want to do with a Lab--but it works well with Maltese. All of my Maltese are trained to weewee pads (I get underpads from the hospital supply companies--much cheaper and better quality than puppy pads). Before I retired and was gone during the day, I confined my Maltese to a safe area, wtih food, water, beds, and several weewee pads. Put the pads away from bed and food. Dogs are naturally clean and will eliminate away from the area they live in. When the wind is blowing, the rain is pouring, the snow is flying, or it's colder's nice to have a dog that's happy to relieve itself on a weewee pad. Also is great when in motels traveling to dog shows, etc. You don't have to worry about accidents in the room. I have one dog soooo trained to weewee pads that she is hard put to relieve herself anywhere else. I think that it is really important that these little guys have the opportunity to go when they have to. I think some of the kidney and bladder problems we have in older dogs might be a result of holding it in 8-10 hours, waiting for mom or dad to come home. The pads work great for me--and with puppies trained to them, just move a pad outside to train to go out.

Thank You Linda and Vicki for all the Info. I now need to get to know a little more about the breed. I know basic stuff but I will research some more. But now there is a stupid problem. What should I name my dog? Any suggestions. It is a male.

There is a book that you may find at your local library that is a book with dog names in it. I can't remember the name of it, but I saw one at my library.

Nick, Vicki is right there should be one or two good dog naming books out there at your local bookstores. But I'll offer a suggestion I recently heard at the park when I was walking with my Cloud and Clancy. A woman who had a Maltese said if she ever got another one she would name him Popcorn in reference to the pure white with just a little bit of black. I thought it was a cute idea. I also have a friend who named her male Maltese Casper. Have fun thinking about it. After getting to know him for a couple of days a perfect choice will come to you I'm sure.

Thank you all for the gr-8 advice. I love you all(not seriously, just saying to because I am so thank ful). THANX YOU GUYS!

Help! We got our 8 week old puppy this past weekend - and can't get him to sleep through the night. The first two nights we left him in the kitchen, which he cried about. Then we read that crate training was the best option, so we bought a crate, but the minute we put him in, he cried and squealed! It's heartbreaking! I put toys and blankets and ticking clocks around him. I tried to get him used to it by putting him in, talking to him, then quickly letting him out, repeatedly. Nothing seems to be working, and noone in the house is sleeping!! Should I just let him cry, I don't want it to be a bad experience for him. I'd be greatful for any suggestions! Thanks!

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